Light up yoyo for theater performance

Hello everyone! I have been playing yoyo for 2 years. Now I am having a chance to perform in a theater, which I greatly value and want to make light-up yoyoing as part of the show. So are there any light up unresponsive yoyo and strings that you recommend?
I only found MAGICYOYO Light Up yoyo (not sure if it is good), and didn’t find any glow string for sale. I am in Florida.


Hubstack afterglow
Light up fhz

Are some alternatives of you can find them

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The Magicyoyo Aurora is a great light up Yoyo with very bright LED and is a really good player as well. Can be found for around $30 and is available now. The multicolored LED version is the one to get it rotates through a number of colors. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for bright LED and great unresponsive play.


Just another idea: You could also go to a fishing shop and get some of those short Lightsticks. Depending on the throw and the lightstick they fit into the sides and stay there. Of course they’ll introduce some vibe, but they light up pretty damn well. Used to do this at perfomances we had at school with an yyj minimotu.


I remember some people that did this with double rim clyw


Regular yellow/pink/orange/green string + a blacklight will make it glow!

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I’ll second the Aurora! It plays very, very well.

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I appreciate this list! I’ll check them out.

Thank you all for ideas and recommendations!