Some Ideas for the Talent Show

Ok, so the talent show is coming right up and I plan to do a routine. I was thinking that I could talk to crowd at the start and say some funny stuff like: Ok, whats up can I get a holla from some south side, oh no well thats ok, Hey my name is Mitch Ballard and I love to yoyo, well lets get this started, and if anyone of you chick wanna make out after, just say the word and I’m down.

Ok well I just need to know what are some suggestions, I was thinking about using blacklights but they will be expensive, anyone know a glow in the dark string

Buy some glow in the dark thread at jo-anns. It will take 5 minutes to make 1 string.

I’m not sure the type of person you are but your starting lines are definitely cheesy to me. I’ve never seen glow in the dark string before but I can’t image it working very well in any aspect of performance or visuals. I would go with a dark light + White string combo. Most black lights only cost around $10-20 so I’m sure you could find a cheap one somewhere to do what you want to do.

Good luck at the show!

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Dude this thread is like 10 days shy of being a year old. Check the dates before you post