Talent show choices (please watch and vote, I could really use opinions)


This year I’m probably going to do the talent show at my school and I’ve narrowed down my performance to these two choices. I know they’re very sloppy, but the talent show is in December so I have time to smooth it out.

Choice #1: Numb x Quark

Choice #2: Ecstasy of Gold x Macrocosm

Thank you.


Probably the second one but the first one has lots of spinning man I don’t know!


For a yoyo contest, I’d go with the second but for a talent quest I’d go with the first. Seems to be a bit flashier and more non-thrower friendly.



Either one just change the music!


Why change the music? I think it goes good with how I play and I like using those songs to throw to.

(YoYoStringLab) #6

If you are doing front style, turn sideways or at least 45 degrees. Mach 5 is much more impressive when you can see what’s going on.

I realize you will be refining things, so let me offer an observation: If we could see you visually get into the music here and there it would help, otherwise your audience might be bored since they don’t feel the energy of what is going on. I’m not saying you have to dance or anything like that, but to just stand still can make people uncomfortable for you.


Thank you for the tips. I know it seems kinda boring right know, but I couldn’t really move around with the camera being stationary and not much space to work with. I’ll definitely try to do what you said though, thanks.


I liked both. the first one i thought was a little better AND THAT IS NOT JUST BECAUSE I LIKE NUMB… but it is a good song… anyway, I think that maybe you could add a few less intricate moves. I do a lot of performances for non yoyoers. I have actually performed in front of about 500 people… STANDING OVATION!!! Okay, now time to stop bragging. I have had some people (friends who don’t yoyo) advise me on that kind of thing and they always say that my more intricate stuff is “cool, but really hard to see when you are on stage” i liked, no loved the combo (pretty much better than what i can do), but if it is to please a crowd, maybe add in some eli hops, jade whips (though i think i saw a few) boing boing style moves (again, i think there was a few), some grinds, and maybe try pop’n’fresh. also, when doing front style play, turn sideways so that the people watching can see. Finally, (and i am colorblind so i really have no idea) use a colorful yoyo and string! One that contrasts so that people can see what you are doing!
Good luck in december! You got it, don’t worry!
ps. where did you get that version of “Numb?” I can only find the one by linkin park!


Thanks a lot. I’ll try to incorporate some more flashy stuff. It means a lot coming from someone who has done big performances in front of non-yoyoers.

Also, here is the version of numb (normally I don’t really like dubstep, but this is one of the few exceptions):


I agree! Something a little less depressing. Trust me I know I’ve done this before and won. Pick a song like this

or something like so:


I see what you mean. I think you’re right about it being a little bit too depressing. I like the second song a lot.

Or maybe this one:


Like the second one better :slight_smile:

Lemme give you a few tips:

•Move around
this really helps non throwers see how exciting yoyoing is

you look kinda bored in the video, smile. I’ve seen a video where the guy was an extremely talented yoyo player but he had a face that looked like he was going to kill someone.

It seems that you like to play fast, that’s why I liked 2 better, it was a faster song. I think you should find a faster song to play to

Your tricks are very good but you need something non-thrower friendly.
Plus you will get more applause out of Matrix than you will out of Ladder escape

Good Luck in the talent show :slight_smile: I have one myself :slight_smile: (which I might not be able to do if I don’t get bearings soon)


I liked the first one, just use the version of Numb with Chester singing.


Please say it wasn’t me. Oh, it can’t, I’m not extremely talented…