Talent show - Need some ideas

Alright, so most of you know I make my own combos/tricks by now.

Now, I’ve read some previous talent show threads before, and so far, I’ve got this put together:

  1. Eli Hops
  2. Grinds
  3. Some combos
  4. Chopsticks
  5. Lindy loops variations
  6. Revolutions

now, my problem is that I’m not the only one doing this. I’m doing w/ a friend, and he has mediocre skills. He’s working on Eli hops right now, as well as revolutions. Please give me/us some ideas for the show!! I can also do a bit of 5A, so I might do some of that as well.

yuuki slack is a good one.

Harold Owen’s bind!

I suggest doing some picture trick as well, like pac-man

In my experiences, non-yoyoers respond well to grinds, hops, and behind-the-back/around-the-neck stuff. They also like follow, lacerations, and suicides, but those can be risky and you might lose their interest if you fail. Too many tech combos and stuff like that can quickly bore them. Picture tricks might be a good idea, but I can only do towers and GTs, so I can’t help you there. 5a always blows their minds.

Hope that helps!

For Talent Shows, big tricks and unusual tricks seem to work well.

Eli Hops are good.
Gondola is an easy trick to learn that people seem to like.
Also, before you go into a combo, try throwing an Around the World in at the beginning. It’s easy, but it’s big and eye catching.
Gyro Flop is also good. Most non-yoyoers have not seen that.

Yeah, behind-the-back, through-the-legs, over-your-arm. All those things go over pretty well.

Another one you can toss in, since you’re working with a friend. Try bouncing an offstring yoyo back and forth to each other. It’s not too hard, but it looks cool to non-yoyoers.

also, don’t know if this works well but i was going to do a glow in the dark show. Some other tricks they love would be thumb grinds and boomerang (from past experience)

behind the back and ultra fast technical tricks

Just a heads up, I got my Aoda Nighthawk, so I can also do some things w/ hubstacks!!