Taking college courses in high school: discussion

Hey guys! This may seem like an odd topic for a yoyo forum but I wanted to know what you guys thought about taking college courses during high school. I know around where I live it has became quite a common thing for kids to take a few classes, even to the extent of people graduating with an associates of arts degree before graduating high school. Thoughts and opinions on it? :slight_smile:

I graduated in 3yrs (a lot of money saved) because of 6 ap classes

Nice! The money aspect is probably one of the biggest benefits. The time part I think can have its upsides and it’s down sides. Obviously you are spending less time in school so you can get through it faster and start making money faster. This can also be a downside in some cases as well. I came into my first year of college with 68 credits. These were all pretty much just gen eds. This makes it so that I have to take TONS of my upper levels in the two years I’m going for my undergrad. So the time aspect is nice but it also packs a bunch of upper levels into a short period of time.

Currently a senior and I am taking two classes at the community college.

Do it. I wish i had a headstart on prereqs