Just Graduated (From High School)

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And it felt so good…

I graduated. Anyone else? (Graduate recently)


Yes, I did that once…

Congrats. Must be party time.


me, whoop, whoop!


Technically I’m graduating from EIGHT GRADE this year but I’m homeschooled so, you know, not really.


Wait what


Congratulations! It only gets harder from here. From now on, you’ll have to deal with the crushing responsibility of adulthood and growing up. Stress will slowly set in until it’s second nature. All that free time you once had to waste away with your friends will soon be replaced with work. And then you’ll die.


I’m graduating 8th grade but I’m homeschooled, so I’m not having a real graduation.

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And then you look back and realize that college was one of the easier parts of life. And /then/ you die.




lol lol lol




Wooooaaaahhh… I’m not gonna lie I thought both u and crococorey were 12 xD


Not quite that young :slight_smile: haha. But I am still pretty young.

Edit: Wait whoa sorry. I’m graduating Eight Grade (middle school) not HS. That was a mistake haha.


This except the home schooled part. What jobs do you guys want/ are gona major in?


Congratulations! I did that in 1994…but I remember the feeling! ;D I celebrated 12 years of school, and went on to do four more. I celebrated again. Then, I did three more…and celebrated again.

The weird thing is, I’ve been studying all this week for a promotion. The studying thing never ends…ever. :frowning: Getting that 12 over with is a GREAT feeling. College is much better! Live it up!

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Political Science/ Education


I studied Political Science/international relations. Super interesting. :slight_smile:


I was also a poli sci major with a concentration in international studies.


I still have dreams I didnt graduate and have to go back to highschool with way younger people. Im 24 so it was 6 years ago that I graduated! My mom said she would have dreams she didnt graduate highschool till she was like 40! Hope they stop before that!


That’s a strange dream to have and even stranger that it runs in the family :smiley:

As for me, I just spent my first year outta high school. It’s been good. Going to Arizona state university and majoring in Air Traffic Management.