Congrats Grads!

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Just wanted to congratulate all of you that have or will be graduating this year, whether it be from high school, college, or tech schools.

Some say that “all good things come to them that wait” but you and I know that “all good things come to those that work.” You are on your way! As you take the next step in your future refuse to fear failure, for failure is nothing more than a stepping stone to success.


Post here and be recognized! :wink:


I graduate from Tech 4 next year :-\


I graduate From watching TV in a few weeks. I think I’m gunna keep practicing :).


I graduated college this year and it was great. Congrats to everyone who graduated and hope you all had a wonderful day.

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Graduating From high school in a few weeks… Real life scares me.

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Change is just opportunity being revealed. Embrace it, own it, enjoy it. As far as real LIFE…try it you’ll like it…See what I did there?

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I’m not graduating from anything at all


Then don’t post spam.

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I’m graduating. Going over speech!

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don’t play mod, boy

anyway i hate everyone here but graduating is a huge milestone for all individuals, regardless of age and institution

so congratulations. achieve more and good luck with your academic endeavors (if you choose to advance further)

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Why do you hate us all?

What can we do to make it up to you?


How do you know I’m a boy? That’s right you don’t, so don’t jump to conclusions.

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because i’m a gender normative loser

whatever forever

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Hey guys this is a congratulatory thread of celebration. It’s meant to be positive and to recognize effort, perseverance, and support for those that are graduating. Graduation is a great achievement. I’d appreciate it if we could focus on the success of graduates.



Sorry Skirtz, just making sure Liz doesn’t cut themselves.

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i like liz.

(and graduates just to make this relevant)


actually Yoyo about a good 90% of the yoyo population is males so liz has enough reason to think you are a male.