So I’m starting off school with a rather high GPA 3.8. I stay at home and study most of the time and yoyo the rest of it. I’m home cause I can’t afford dorming lol . I’m trying to transfer and dorm at a different school next year. Does anybody have storiess on how their college experience is?

Nope, I am in High School :wink:

I lived with my parents during college. Dodged some pretty heavy dorm expenses that way, No shame in it at all. Unless you’ve got tons of scholarships that are paying for everything, do yourself a favor and don’t accrue any unnecessary debt.

You will thank yourself later, trust me.

I’m lucky enough that I am participating in a trial incentive program through the state, where if I take four or more classes a semester (full time student), and get above a 2.0 in each one, I get $1000 per semester in any manner of refund or check that I want. While this is intended to be an incentive for students that normally wouldn’t complete school in time or at all, for me this basically means just doing what I’ve been doing for years. I usually put it towards making my loans smaller, since then I can avoid being butchered by interest.

If at any time you accrue some extra money, pay off loans early instead of waiting until after graduation. You’ll save thousands.

^what he said… For real!

I’m in the same boat right now

Don’t dorm because it’s the worst thing ever. My first three years I lived at home and commuted an hour to school every day (still better than dorming).

My advice is go to a community college to get your basics/general education classes done. They’re pretty much the same classes you’d take at a university just 40x cheaper; just make sure they transfer to next school you’d like to go to. That’s what I did. I’m currently in my 4th year at a university (one more to go) and have yet to take out a loan.

I’m old, so take that for what it’s worth. Back in the day ::slight_smile: '94 to '98, I did my undergraduate schooling at a smaller private institution and lived on campus all four years. I got a scholarship to go there, but that didn’t cover all the living expenses. I had to put up some cash. I went to the school where I was expected to pay the least, and it worked for me at the time. It was hard as a young person not going to the school I wanted to go to, because of the financial aspect of things. But, I was pretty practical, even back then.

In my opinion, I would not trade that dorm related “on campus experience” for anything in the world. There is just nothing like waking up, rolling out of bed, and walking five minutes to class, meeting your friends for meals between classes or after class, and being there conveniently for all the campus activities. There is nothing like late night at the dorm. We weren’t allowed to park a car on campus for the first two years, but I couldn’t afford a car back then anyway. It was good, because I had to focus on my studies (well…between the Ricki Lake Show and eating pizza). :smiley:

School back then was $28,000/year. I left with a little bit in loans, but I worked the whole time, so it wasn’t bad at all. Now grad’ school is what killed me. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s all in the past now, so I love being old. The memories. ;D

I had to drop out my first year to save my gpa last year. It got so low from the stress of a family heath crisis, I was barley maintaining a 1.7. But i don’t think that was all bad. That gave me a taste of college work load which was very useful. So I’ve been working since last winter to pay off some minor debt, and save up to try again. So I’m looking up, and I’m so glad I have yoyos now to entertain myself between classes!
Plus, this time I’m going to NKU. So that’ll be nice!

Yeah I miss a lot of my friends, I stayed home this year because of my little brother and helping my family out. I’ll probably have to stay another year before my parents are all good and by then I’ll probably dorm the last two years of undergrad if that is even a thing. But I miss seeing my friends around classes and just hanging out with them but I have a lot more responsibilities than a normal kid so :expressionless:

Your recollection of how your college experience was enriched by dorm life is a worthy consideration to take into account as well.

(BTW, if you were in school “'94 to’98” you’re not old. Comparatively speaking in relationship to the majority demographic of these forums, “older” perhaps. You are not yet old TA, because if you are I need to be looking for a home with handrails in the hallways to move into :wink: )