Moving shenanigans, Life Update

Well, I know I haven’t told y’all here this yet. In a nutshell, I flunked out of college.

So, I have put in many job apps, gotten some calls back, and have a job ready. I also have an apartment plan set up. A good friend of mine from college and I are going to share a 2 room, 2 bath set up. The unit is very affordable, and we will be in by this June for sure. A lot has happened, but I am fixing it. So, for a while, I won’t be on as much during that time span, due to moving, etc. i am letting y’all know because in essence, it’s a life lesson for me. I messed up, but I am quickly fixing it. I just got the confirmation text from her that it’s all ready, so I will be moving and working full time a lot now.

So, I am sure some of you younger (and older) are saying, “College, man, College!” I know. I will be heading back for college part time after I work for a year or so, saving up extra cash and whatnot. College is important, but it’s not something I was ready for yet. All these people saying Go for college first confuse me, because I know what Debt is (Don’t have any, thank god, because I saved up from my first “job” to pay for it.)

So, I am just giving y’all an update, and that I am feeling much better. I know I have been a tad bit rude and jerkish on the chat, and this was partly due to stress. (No excuse, I know.) So, there ya have it. I will be back, just less often. So, I hope y’all miss me, as I will miss all of you (Except you Josh Yee, cause I talk with him enough anyway, lol). I will update y’all with move status as often as I can. Until then, PEACE!!!

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Glad to hear life is on the upturn!

I flunked out of college once. Had to go all the way back to high school (at the time, Ontario had a year called “OAC” which was basically grade 13, university prep) in preparation for my second attempt at higher education. Had to quit my university undergrad for a year while I worked to save for tuition and keep myself with a roof over my head.

Eventually graduated and went on to become a teacher. :wink:

These “setbacks” shouldn’t be treated with as much gravity as they are. I remember feeling like I had messed up my entire life when I flunked out. But the rest of the world doesn’t care. You get to try again in most cases, and if you do better next time, great! Or you find another path… so many ways to go through life, and it really messes with your head how much importance some of our milestones are given.

I do think there are more options as a college graduate, but not everybody needs those. Besides, it sounds like you’ve got plans for another attempt later. Onward and upwards!

Hey man, sometimes college just doesn’t work out. I left college myself for a while to get out into the world and work a while. I was there because I thought I was supposed to be there, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I was English Pre Law because I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. Turns out, I was burnt out on school and needed to reevaluate what I wanted to do with my life.
It turned out to be the greatest thing for me. I went back a few years later and now I have a degree in Computer Engineering, a (most of the time) great job being an IT in the Navy, and more prospects than I could count when I get out in a few years.
Everybody has a different path, and yours just took a fork. Play it out and use it to your advantage; really figure out what makes you happy.

Oh, no, I definitely agree with the College isn’t for everyone thing. It was more of a thing for me. I figured out what I need to do, and right now that is get a job and work for a bit. My Internship for HS was mostly manual labor (Ripping up Railroad ties, Digging potential mass grave sized ditches to lay a synthetic pond in.) That was almost 7 hours a day, and the last few hours were helping the Desk ladies do filing and whatnot. I’m sure I will figure it out in time, so thanks for the support, guys!

Yeah, sounds familiar. I flunked out, got drafted into the Army for 2 years. Worked for a couple of years after that, went to night school, got married, went back to school and graduated when I was 30. Had a lot of different experiences in all that time, basically “growing up” and figuring out what I wanted to do (sort of). Started out in engineering and ended up in IT in the electric utilities industry. Life doesn’t always go as planned, or as someone else thinks it should be.

Tells life story, doesnt revel identity :stuck_out_tongue:

And thats bitter sweet Offstew.