Decision that changed your life?

Have you had that decision that changed your life? If so, then what was that decision? And in what way did it change you?

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I would have to say that the decision that changed my life was to go to college…I had not been a great high student at all…I was always in the slower group/class in high school…I only could average a c in my courses in HS! Then…I got an Illinois grant cause my parents were poor…I went to college and never looked back best decision of my life…it provided me an experience unlike high school ever could! I graduated on the dean’s list my final senior year…is that a change or what/ And the college helped me get employment before I even graduated!
Had I choose to hitch hike across Europe like I had planned…Maybe I 'd world have been the yoyo champion or something else? heehe…


I think the biggest decision in my life (non yo-yo) was going to Drexel University. I chose to go to a school with a 5 year program in which my only “summer break” (break longer than 1 week) is after my freshman year (I’m on that break now). Starting on the 24th I’ll be working at an investment firm doing a front end developer internship for 6 months full time, which I’m really excited about. Then I’ll be doing 6 months of school from April to September, and that cycle of work-school will repeat 2 more times. I’m going to be super busy for the next 4 years, but I am so excited for the opportunities that are presented to me.

Yo-yo wise has definitely been working on the Scales Podcast/stream. It’s seriously made me happy every day seeing it grow, and it’s all thanks to the yo-yo community.