How has yoyoing changed your life? Etc. (Questions)

FI know that you have been yoyoing for a long time. As the title says, “How has yoyoing changed your life?”
A few other questions are,
“Were there times that you were close to quitting yoyo? If so, why was that?”
“Do you think you would still be yoyoing right now if you didnt make YYF?”
“What was the best decision of your life? (What you remember, at the very least)”
“Have you ever been through depression? Is so, did you ever overcome it?”
“Were your parents still alive when you started yoyoing? If so, do you think they were supportive?”
“What do you think, if your family is supportive of you and yoyoing, do you think it gives you an advantage?”

Too many questions? Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
aaaaAA im so curious


I have a lot less money than I used to.


@EthanV Great questions.

  1. When I first started playing yoyo I went through what I now see as a typical cycle of interest. Play non-stop for 4 months, put it down for 6 months, pick it back up for 4 months. I wasn’t able to put it down for long as there were always opportunities to play yoyo (school talent shows, after school programs, Boy Scout Shows, Birthday Party entertainment, a summer at the Rennaissance Fair in Detroit). So it was a professional gig from the start. Keep in mind that when I was 14 years old there was no yoyo scene, no yoyo community…Just Hans making himself available to any opportunity and request.
  2. I believe in a former life I was a yoyo professional, It’s the only way I can describe how this activity is so deeply part of my DNA. If I didn’t create YYF somebody would have tracked me down and pulled me back in.
  3. My best decision was following my dream. Plenty of my sphere of influence were skeptical but I pushed forward. Less and less people nowadays raise an eyebrow of skepticism.
  4. Depression is a weird thing. I think we all face moments of discouragement and self doubt. My best answer to this is two people that I know that I hold in very high regard. The first is John Higby. He has managed to craft his life experience to be exactly how he wants it to be. He spreads warmth and kindness in all things that he does. He focuses outwards and works every day to bring joy to those within his reach. Extremely selfless. The other is Alan Nagao (Evan’s Dad). He is a powerhouse of influence. He has had many situations that have knocked him back physically, mentally and financially. Yet every morning he wakes back up as “Alan Nagao” the powerhouse of influence. Every day brings challenges to each and every one of us. Lately I wake up with the thought in my head “hmmm, I wonder what’s going to happen next?!” This brings with it fear and excitement…An awesome way to start the day!
  5. My parents are still alive today. They never had any plans or expectations for their kids simply just made sure we were prepared morally for life. They have always supported my decision to be a yoyo champ (probably because they saw early on the influence I had when I put in the effort)
  6. Family support never crossed my mind in the decisions that I have made (I’m rather self determined).