Positive Life Impacts of Yoyoing

I love to hear stories of how people have found something that greatly influenced thier life in a positive way. If you care to share, in a nutshell, how has yoyoing made life better for you? I’ll start…I’m a Christian, husband and father. Last year on June 8, we lost our 3rd child. He was born and lived 1 hour. DEVISTATING! Since then the economy has hit us hard and i literally have had to scrounge up dimes and nickles to put a couple bucks of gas in my 1992 nissan truck to get to work and back. I had high hopes of being a tournament bass fisherman (i live in South East Texas…fishing and refineries is all you’ll find here), but if you can’t afford gas you obviously can’t afford a bass boat. Then, in May of this year a guy from Austin came to do a performance at our local library for kids. He did some juggling and some conterweight. I immediately went home and youtubed yoyoing. I was addicted. I bought a YYJ kickside, then a Lyn Fury, and got a good deal on a M1 and have thrown for atleast 2 hours every day since. My wife and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary and she surprised me with a CLWY Wooly Marmot!!! It was the best gift she’s ever gotten me! Seriously! She sacrificed so much to get that for me! Throwing has brought a new passion to me and i can’t wait to strap on my Wooly every day. Most of the guys i work with pick on me for yoyoing (stupid fisherman :D) but my kids ask what new tricks I’ve learned almost every day and I can’t let them down ;).

Wow that’s a good story. Yeah, the times are pretty hard right now.

Hmm…positive effect. Well, I know something not too many other people do, especially where I live. It’s something I can show them that makes them say wow.

Parents would consider this more of a positive effect than a teenager would, but it keeps me away from ever wanting to get into the “bad things” that can be gotten into in high school.

I’ve gotten to take several trips to different places that wouldn’t have happened if it were for yoyoing. Along with that I’ve gotten to meet lots of cool people through yoyoing.

That’s just a few things. If I didn’t have somewhat of a life (or a want for sleep) I would keep going. :stuck_out_tongue:

Truly, that is an AWESOME story, I personaly havent been yoyoing to long and it really has made an impact on my life, but still I love the wooly marmot story! I’m really happy for ya! :smiley:

Friends for life!


It gave me a good sense of worth. It made me feel like I could contribute something to a community who would in return accept it for what its worth.

Its given me some of the best people I can talk to and its taught me no matter how old I am there is something that still makes me feel like a kid and can keep me entertained for hours.

I love to yoyo, and that in itself has had a huge impact on me.

Wow, that is so cool.That really is an amazing story! I know exactly what you mean, not wanting to let your kids down. I have a daughter who turns four tomorrow, and I have a duncan butterfly wrapped up in m&m wrapping paper with a bow around it as we speak. On May 23th of 2008, I was in a hospital in cardiac arrest because of damage I had done to myself from doing drugs. I lost my best friend when I was 15 and things slowly went downhill. My parents sent me to a Costa Rican boot-camp type of school when I was 16 until I was 18 and when I came back I got a little college under my belt but got into the wrong things again and started spiralling downward. Before I knew it I was in rehab for the third time and it was looking like my last chance. I had been clean for a little over a year when I picked up a duncan butterfly in walgreens one day. My daughter loves to watch me yoyo now, and she tries all the time (with my old beat up butterfly) but she’s still a little too young. Yoyoing is literally the first real hobby I’ve had since I snowboarded like 10 years ago. Not only is it a hobby, but its an everyday thing. I am becoming known in my small town in virginia as the guy who goes everywhere with his yoyo. It really has changed my life. I really really really really wanna take my daughter, Bella to worlds with me. Anyways, I’ve typed a ton, I’ll shut up now. I loved your story man, that is what yoyoing is all about. Making the simple amazing.

yoyoing has impacted me because ive met some of the nicest people and i like to help out people who just started. also when i did my fhz recess and ithicus said it was really good that kind of thing makes my day, when someone i compare my work to says its good it makes me feel awesome. and my dad was in rehab last year and my family was going through alot and when i started yoyoing it helped me take my mind off all that stuff and just have fun.

I’m truly sorry about your child.

it keeps me out of trouble because i dont want to get it token away it keeps me off the tv and some people at my school love and some hate it i love it its my life and im going to start competeing soon i make a lot of videos my youtube name is juggle boy4

These are all perfect! Each story influences me even more! Thank you all for the concern and support! AWESOME!