How did the yoyo save your life?

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Hi. My name is christopher forrest riner, and this is my story.

I live in a quiet town in southwest virginia, where you have to drive about an hour just to find a yomega. I have lived in a couple of cities for short stints of time, but the rolling hills are where I belong.

I’m 24 years old right now and I have a daughter, Bella, who’s about to turn 4. Back when I was in highschool I started throwing (yomegas), but i didn’t really stick with it too long because of other problems that I had… I was getting in with the wrong crowd.

I don’t want to get too into details, but I thought it was important to let anyone out there who it might help hear my story. To put it as simply as I can, in the past 7 years I have been to rehab 6 times and had three heart attacks.

I have been clean for about a year now, and I don’t think it would be possible without the wonderful world of yoyo. I can stand here today and say without a doubt that a simple, circular design with a string wrapped around the axle can save a little girl’s father.

Talking about making the simple amazing.

I don’t want to take up too much time or make this link too long, but for anyone else out there that is struggling with ANYTHING in life, feel free to contact me, Christopher Riner, ( Everyone’s experience in life is different, but I have gone from being deported to a Costa Rican Boot camp, to lying in a hospital bed begging for my life, to finishing college and getting accepted to law school. The yoyo is more than a toy. It’s more than a sport. It’s more than anything that I think a lot of people realize. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate.

Thanks for your time,

Christopher Forrest Riner




Amazing story.


Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue: JK, but I added exclamation points.



We’re glad to have you alive and part of out community. Always remember that.


I’m glad to hear how awesome yoyos are aside from just out of mere amusement. I eagerly await my own (which should come tomorrow, or later today, rather since it’s after 3am), for near the same reason. Not much bothers me, but aside from most the people who should remember my birthday, having forgotten it on the 12th, I think yoyoing and learning tricks will do good to bring my stress level down. I’ll rely on it to put me at ease. All you need is a working hand and a few minutes to yoyo, nothing more. And I hope you pass your yoyo addiction to your little girl, and that she goes with it. I think it can positively influence anyone’s life as a pleasant hobby! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.

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Yeah, Ive bought four duncans (two butterflies and two mosqitos) for her, and a yomega brain, but she is so short she kind of has a hard time. I have to cut the string so that it’s only like 2 feet long for her to be able to do it, but she’s getting the hang of it. How do you post pictures on here, I’d like to put one of her up.


It should be the second button on the second row when you’re typing a reply. The one under the italics, which looks like so: I


Do you know how to uplaod the pictures to Flickr, Imageshack or any other photo sharing site? Just post the link here and click the button that I made in a red box:

Then, You post the link between the code

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Your story was amazing…


Beyond that.


Once apon a time i got hit in the head with a yoyo. Thank goodness it had rubber edges because if it didn’t i could hav got a concussion & died.

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haha. nice. reminds me of a story when I hit myself in the eye with a yoyo. It didn’t have rubber edges, though. I had a black spot on the bottom part of the vision in my right eye for a week. An eye doctor told me that it might need surgery (because I had a retinal contusion in the same eye years earlier), but it seemed to work itself out. What kind of yoyo was it? Was it a Shinwoo?

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That is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing, I hope all goes well with you.

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This sort of thing makes me smile. Good to have you aboard, mate. :slight_smile:


Amazing story, thanks for sharing that. BTW if you go to additional options you can attach a photo by browsing and selecting.



That is truly awesome, man.

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Okay, im gonna try this picture thing.

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Go ahead and say it, i know. its the most beautiful little girl you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Here’s the family:


That’s awsome!

The family pisture is awesome! And the girl is really cute too.