A serious thread about resistance

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Resistance is a thing I feel a lot of yoyoers experience. Yoyoing isn’t a thing most people know how to react to, which is why I guess a lot of you are met with a lot of scepticism and critic. I am not an exception to this. I want to share with you something that has been sitting very deep in my emotional vault (to use an overly) tacky term. When I stared yoyoing, I was 15 years old, and had to ask my dad to buy me my first yoyo and 100 strings, he was a bit sceptical but went through with it. When I got the yoyo and started doing tricks he started using some words which I’m not sure if he ment to be harmful. No mater what his intentions were, being told I have the capability to become a circus clown was in no way funny for me, and I did not feel good about. In a period of my life where I did not feel socially comfortable, it was really saddening to have one of my dearest hobbies and personal treats (a part of my life) described as a comedic act that is laughed upon.

When I wanted to get my first metal (an M1, relatively cheap), I still got resistance from my dad. I thought it would make him see how serious I was with this, but I still ended up having my mom ordering the yoyo for me.

I recently got a OD Dang. I was going to pay for it myself, but my mom said she wanted to pay for a yoyo, even if it did cost $110. When I told her that I could afford it myself and that she didn’t have to spend money on an expensive toy, she answered with saying that she was proud of what I was doing and that I deserved it. For the first time I felt that my yoyoing was appreciated.

I guess the point is that no matter how much resistance you get, you should seek the ones who support you, and take the moral you support for all that it’s worth.


Very well said.


I know what you mean. My mom didn’t poke fun at me like your father did, but she does torment me about what a waste of time it is.
I have finally convinced her to take me to Worlds 2013, and I am very excited.
Anytime I have emotional troubles (anyone who read my post on bullying knows I have plenty of troubles) I resort to my yoyos. It is more than a hobby, it is a community. Everybody here has been exceptionally nice and helpful, and I couldn’t ask for more. I am just so very pleased I stumbled on this forum just about a month or so ago. I am 15, and have been at the hobby for 3 years now, and proud to say I have yet to have wasted a single second my life with it.


Yeah I don’t know about you guys but my parents support me my mom always says this abby, keep doing what your doing I don’t want no crowd follower in this keep yoyoing!


word up, dude

hella keep throwin’

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Lol I’ve wasted like two years on this toy.

But it was a fun kind of wasting :wink:


What’s life if not for wasting? Can’t exactly save it up and spend it later.


I know how you feel JonasK :-\

It’s sort of a mindset of some older generations depending on where they came from, at least for me. My father grew up on a farm, and all his childhood was work, work, work. There’s no respect for the arts or leisurely things from him, and it disappoints me sometimes.

Even to a lesser sense, when I tell people I yoyo, they kinda chuckle and start talking about walking the dog. The lack of awareness is something else that is quite unbelievable.

There will always be people who are interested in what we do though, and being able to introduce other people to our art (sport, whatever) is such a pleasure. :smiley:

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same here.
Well, except for the jerks in school.


My parents support me and while it isn’t necessarily their favorite thing to hear about 24:7, they still buy the yoyos and tell me that if it makes me happy I should keep doing it.

I’m sure some day these yoyoing skills will become useful in saving a persons life or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:


This reminds me of Tenacious D’s ‘Tribute’ but with yoyos. “Throw the best trick in the world… or I’ll eat your soul…” :smiley:



A wonderful story.

I don’t get support in my house from my wife. Yet. She has her DM2, she tries once in a while. I’m breaking her down. I’m sure she still things I’m an idiot. Maybe a failed wanna-be circus idiot.

I find I don’t have much resistance around here though. When I started, I was on my own. My boy picked it up and it helped. I met theroybit, and that helped a lot. I soon after met Chris Allen. I went to CalStates, which was my first contest AND I also did sound. I’ve gone to many YoLex meets and met many amazing players, both at meets and at contests. The list grows and grows.

In my short time yoyo’ing, it’s given me a lot. Well, besides draining my bank account and cutting my fingers on string, it’s given me far more than I expected. Simple things like “STABILITY”, management of depression, sparking my creativity, re-ignited my drive, and many other things. Yes, I still am a horrible player, but I just don’t care anymore about that. I improve, that’s all that matters.

Now I try to share this with others. I was helping teach a kid earlier today. I want to get back to running my own meets again, but it’s been difficult with my schedule of other events.

I’m appreciative of this site, this newly re-found toy and all it has given me.

We have to realize that we can’t always sit around and expect others to accept us for as we are. Some will, some won’t. We have to weigh the negativity against the positive that comes from something.

It’s nice to see that despite the yoyo being a toy, it doesn’t necessarily lose it’s appeal as we grow older.

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I think remembering how to play, or at least not forgetting how, is necessary as we grow older.

I’m typing this in a TRU parking lot, by the way. I owe my son a Pro Z and I want to see if they have any Butterfly XTs.


resistance is futile- The Borg.