Taking advantage of the sale + no shipping

Ok, so since the sale is today and there is no shipping, im thinking of buying some pads and string. I only have 25$, so I was thinking of buying the neon regular kitty string pack and 6 pairs of YYF response pads. What are your thoughts? Should I use my money on better string/pads?

By the way the pads that i think i wanna get are the white yyf pads.

I would get some Werrd Blueprint string and a YYF Sampler pack of pads

A nice guy is sending me some blueprints just to try, so i want to get the kitty because anothet really nice guy sent me some regulat kittys to try and I liked them alot. As for the pads, ive never tried any other version of pads but the white pads, so im not sureā€¦ Thanks for the suggestions though. Just what im looking for.

Just spend over $20 so you qualify for free shipping.

Natural pads are the best.