Post String Comparisons here please! Kitty vs. Blueprint vs. YYE vs other bulk.


Hey all.
That’s right. I have transitioned into string price shopping.
I was formerly a handmade string buyer (StringLab, Toxic, Twisted, etc.), but I began to realize the value wasn’t there as much as people had claimed.
I switched to kitty string, and now their prices rose $3. Although this doesn’t sound like a lot, I would be spending $15 extra per year on just string, and that doesn’t seem very ethical to me if the other brands are arguably better or just as good.

If I choose YYE’s bulk polyester, I would be saving $30 per year.
If I go with Blueprints, I would be saving $25 per year.

I may very well stick to kitty string, however I would like to hear everyone’s opinions with Kitty compared to YYE’s bulk polyester and also Blueprints. I have tried Candy Wires and they are great, but they lack a big color selection.


Using Blueprints for a while now and I really like them. I got 2 packs of Ammo but they’re just so expensive I couldn’t justify putting them on every yoyo so I got the blueprint. Kind of rough, and at first I was concerned about the pre-tied loop but it ended up being a pretty good length for me without having to readjust. I’ve also been putting swivels on a few of my strings and it shortens them up just a tiny bit but not too much for me. I’ll be getting a pack of kitty 1.5 nylons next week so I’ll post my opinion of them vs the blueprints then.



I’d definitely like to hear what you think of them in comparison to Kitty’s. Not a lot of people have been talking about them.

On an unrelated note, unless you beat your yo-yos I would suggest against swivels, they can cause dents and pinpricks for little benefit.


I use blueprints
n they are pretty awsome
they are Kinda rough
Gave me a few string burns
I also try the kitty normal but they are not my preference
n some kitty fats
But I like how the kitty string feels on the fingers
it can be soft at times


Eh. I read through the thread about 'em and few people said they got any sort of damage from it, and for the 2-3 weeks I’ve been using them there hasn’t been any damage. And it’s a huge benefit, at least for me. Not all my yoyos have them, so when I switch to one without it it freaks me out. Plus I was working on brent stole recently so not having to adjust was really nice, and now I’m moving towards some horizontal learning and not having to worry about it UFOing is pretty awesome. And I never really plan to BST anything except for maybe some plastics.


That’s fine. Typically the damage is only to yo-yos with little to no protection (ex. Spyy Orbitron 5000, non-blasted Turning Points, YYR’s, raws, throws with light blasts and/or no blast, etc.)


Kitty Fat Nylon, nothing else compares imo, at least without spending substantially more, and i’ve tried a lot.


How is raising the price of string $3 unethical.


“if other brands are arguably better or just as good”

i.e. It doesn’t make sense to pay more for something if it isn’t worth it.


People rave about fat kitty. I actually don’t like them.
I’ve never tried the nylon fats though.
Are they significantly different than fat poly?


I’m pretty sure your using the word “unethical” incorrectly.
Here’s the definition:
un·eth·i·cal [uhn-eth-i-kuhl]

  1. lacking moral principles; unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct.
  2. not in accord with the standards of a profession: She treated patients outside the area of her training, and the appropriate medical organization punished her unethical behavior.

I believe that the word your looking for is impractical, meaning “lacking sense”. :wink:


I never said ‘unethical’. I said ‘not very ethical’


avoiding activities or organizations that do harm to people or the environment.
noun: ethical investment; plural noun: ethical investments
“an expert on ethical investment”

And spending$3 more for the same product, is not very ethical.


Try out Kitty 1.5. They are amazing. It has all the softness of a normal kitty but the whipping ability of nylon with the perfect middle between thick and thin.


Again, I’ve tried almost all kitty. I need to know how they compare to YYE and Blueprint.


I have tried many strings, among those blueprint, normal kitty, and fat kitty. Blueprint is rougher and takes longer to break in. It is also thicker than normal kitty, not sure about fat though. I can’t stand blueprint because in almost all my yo-yos it snags for some reason. There are just some tricks I can’t do without the yoyo snagging. Thats been my experience with blueprint, I just stick to regular kitty and fat kitty.


Obviously they were “lacking cents” and that’s why the price was raised! :wink:

(sorry, lol, terrible pun)