Pads and possibly string.

Hi! I got my G funk on about the 10th of july and have played with it alot everyday since then. Lately the binds have been really sliippy and loose. People have told me that the pads should last a lot more than a month, and i believe them. Ive also read that the g funk has a gigantor gap. I was thinking that maybe my string is just too thin for it to grab the response pads. Im using yoyoexpert standard poly and I changed the string today. Im planning on getting some more kitty string soon, but will that help? Is kitty any thicker than regular Yoyoexoert poly? Ive tried both but I don’t know. Is it weird that the response may be worn out already? I will probably get another pair of response pads soon.

I feel like they did wear out fast. My pads wore out in less than two months one time though! You should just get some extra pads :slight_smile:

Haha thanks im planning too. I think i got the 5 bucks.

I don’t think it’s the string. I’ve used pretty thin string on my G Funk, and it was fine. If yo throw a lot, then it isn’t abnormal for your pads to wear down that fast. Just get a few replacements, and keep some spares at home.

I agree. I don’t think it’s the string. My kid is using YYE 100% poly in his GFunk and he’s having no problems with binds. He doesn’t play his as much as you’re playing yours.

Get some replacement pads. Maybe a few sets. I mean, you’re looking to buy string, buy some pads. You’re already on the hook for shipping, get your money’s worth!! You might consider the ball of IrPads. Then again, you could also look into using flowable silicone as well as an option.

As far as string, nothing wrong with YYE 100% poly or Kitty string. I think Kitty string is cut longer and I think(I may be wrong) you have to tie your own loop. This just gives you more control over your length.

I remember playing my DM2 for hours a day for months at a time before my pads finally needed replacing.

I have flowable silicone and i used it on my protostar and it worked fine, but im scared to do it to my g funk because i feel like im going to mess it up somehow. And yes, kitty comes with no loop. I got the extra long yoyoexpert poly (cuz im super tall and like longer strings) and i know how to cut it and tie a loop. A friend gave me 5 kitty strings just to try them out, and i still have like 3 left. Im saving them. IDK why. I should use those last three until i get the pads. How are the regular yoyofactory response pads? Those are the cheapest and i think im just going to get those.

If you siliconed your Protostar, silicone your G-Funk. Oh, good luck getting the bearing out before you silicone it. However, I won’t discourage pre-made pads. The YYF ones are reasonably priced and should last. I only recommend the irPads in the ball since you get 5 pairs for less than the price of 4 pairs, and they come in a nifty storage container. I was gonna buy one last week but I had a yoyo get broken and altered my order by dropping a yoyo off that order, replacing the broken off-string and dropping the pads out of the order. Having a place to keep the pads prevents them from getting lost!

Another option is by another retailer who sells the Buddha pads for $1.97 a pair and they work great. I’ve been wearing out lots of pads in my off-strings lately so I ordered 10 pairs for $19.70. That should last me a bit.

Also, I find for Kitty string and YYE string, after about 2 hours of play, those are completely shot for me. Just something to make a note of. Strings should be changed frequently, they wear rather fast.

I change every 3 days. Theyve never snapped on me, but the string tension is annoying on tge second to third day.

And i already went and destroyed the bearing that was already in it and shaved down the seat. Remember? You helped me with that.

You may get more enjoyment out of throwing if you replace string more often. I don’t know how much you yoyo on a daily basis, but I change strings every couple hours. It makes it more fun, not having to worry about bad tension/frayed string.

Sorry, I don’t recall. I’m kind focused on a few other things at the moment.

At least that issue is resolved though!

The thicker the string, the more snappy the binds.

Or regular Green poly.

Good response would be 19mm IR Pads.

Ill check then out. Thanks!

Hahaha i should get the 80$ jar of pads.

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If you have a large collection like I do, that kind of purchase makes sense.

If you don’t have a whole lot, that could be a lifetime supply!

Note: I am tempted to get that $80 jar of pads myself!

Haha i was JK i have nowhere near enough money for that. And if i did i would be saving up for a summit.

I would do that, but then i would wuickly run out and eventually get stuck with these stupid short cotton strings that i got with my original first yoyo (of this “time” of my yoyo life) the raider. Ive got like 20 of them. I use then on my (looping) bumblebee. Anyways, i dont want to run out of strings, and that’s why i dont change that often. #1 on my top wanted list right now is more kitty string.

I still havent ordered pads. I really need to though.

I said " what the heck" and went ahead and siliconed it. Looks like it went well but wont know til 1:03 am tomorow.

Wait maybe 6-7 hours

It doesn’t need to be fully cured to be usable.