Pads and possibly string.

Ive read otherwise, so im just going to wait the 24 hours.

This would be wise.

This would be unwise.

One side of the silicone fell out and i resiliconed it last night at 8:00. Im thinking about just playing it now. Good or bad idea? I know that you’re supposed to wait 24 hours, but what would happen if I played with it right now?

I have no experience with flowable silicone.
But i just wanted to say that i use YYF Pads, and i like them! i bought one of the “one of each kind” packs, since YYF has a few different pads that are more or less responsive. I personaly like the red ones the most (the hardest and least responsive) but thats preference, so there is nothing wrong with YYF pads.

BTW: on my barracuda the response pads fell out after 2 weeks! that shocked me xD was so glad i had brought my extra pads on vacation^^

It will play like normal but will fall out quicker than if you wait the 24 hours.

Edit: just noticed your fav trick is my trick ;D

Haha thanks for the tutorial :slight_smile:

Ooh, where is the tutorial for it?,65842.0.html

Nobody is commenting, I guess everyone hates my trick  :-\

LOL, I just saw your signature.

I can’t watch it right now (I have limited Internet at my house, ouch), but I will ASAP.

It really does. If you play it too soon, it’s not firm enough yet. It will have skinned over, but it’s not cured and fully sticking where it needs to. It’s either gonna rip out whole or in little gummy bits.

I waited 22 hours. I bet that it is ok.

Go for it.

That was at 6:00 earlier today.

It seems fine. Thanks!

Candy wires string is da bomb. I like it a lot more than standard kitty. Look into it.

I resiliconed AGAIN yesterday at 8:00. The other side fell out. I think that Im going to wait the full 24 hours this time.

Are you using FLOWABLE silicone? It shouldn’t of have fallen out that quickly unless it wasnt flowable or it was a really screwed up job(you wouldve been able to tell)

Yeah im using permatex flowable.