ReXtreme Response Problem

I had some old response pads in my ReXtreme, but then after I replaced them, it got really grabby and binded right after i threw it(4A). I opened it and noticed that some of the pad was sticking up,like there was something on the bottom pushing the whole thing up. I took them off and scraped off the excess from the last pads, but it still had that problem. Anyone else have that problem or a similar one? How do you fix this? Thanks!

Use flowable or gasket making silicone?

Maybe . . . Any other advice?

I play alot of offstring and I own the Rextreme. With the Rextreme the pads do stick out slightly. With any offstring yoyo when you change the pads it will be grabby for a bit until they break in. Me personally I like grabby offstrings for regens but only to a point, is it so grabby that it kills the spin time? what kind of rsponse are you using?

Using rgular YYJ response. yeah its sleeping less than it used to . .

You might have a bearing problem (Clogged up), string is fryed (need new one) or push down the response more with the tips of your fingers or the end of a pencil. I think personally that you should try to play out the responsiveness. Try throwing a standard forward pass mount and just hold it till the spin dies and do it a few more times, the string will wear the response down.That usually works for me with new response. Now if you do this and it binds itself you might have one of the problems I mentioned. Let me know how it works, or with more questions. It’s cool to see more people playing offstring :wink:

Thanks! I’ll have to try that soon . . .