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Was reading Ben’s post at YYN where he had a poll about what people wanted to see from YYF. The alternatives were:

Splash Fundamental
Small bearing Dv888
More DNA

As you can tell from that picture, Ben really fooled the community there. He just came up with everything.

I was sort of suspecting that >:D, not sure it would happen, but that post seemed a bit suspicious. :-X

If that is a “Frantic” I’d get it…

If you mean the two to the left, I believe those are Frantics.

The Catch 22 look-alikes are supposed to be Frantics

Will YYF produce them?

If so I’d get one…

Coming Soon. :wink:


Haha YES!

More DNAs?


To be honest, I’m not a big fan of YYF doing all of these splashes; that was always CLYW’s thing.

As for the Frantic, SB DV888, and more DNAs, very cool!

Splashes on yoyos has existed longer than CLYW. CLYW just uses it on almost all their yoyos. I am personally tired of splash anodizing. What One Drop does is a LOT better. Give the customer a “build-your-own” option while making cool fades and marbles aside from the regular runs. But if the people want splashes, they will get splashes. But I find that the rim-dipped Skylines and regular fades look WAY better than splashes.

5A’ers will jump that Dv888 though. And people always wanted the DNA to stay.

I wish you could get customized yoyos. Like with how alot of car websites (especialy VolksWagen) let you make a custom car and then tells you where you can buy it… Imagine…

Pick a yoyo,
Pick a response
Pick the finish
Pick the color
Pick add-ons (Spikes, Hubstacks, weight rings)

that would be amazing!!

Back on topic, I think the splash looks neat… I wish special yoyos would stick around longer thoug… I’d kill for an Augie G5

One Drop lets you pick and mix between bolded. And although they don’t provide the choice of
add-ons, you can still put spikes and hubs on their yoyos. You don’t need weight rings though.

i want a frantic soo bad! do you know what it will cost? will it be limited like the dv888?

Fundamentals are supposed to be in the 65-75 dollar range.

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I never mess with mettle yoyos so I’m gonna pretend I know what y’all are talking about.

Fixed :wink: