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(JonasK) #2

Was reading Ben’s post at YYN where he had a poll about what people wanted to see from YYF. The alternatives were:

Splash Fundamental
Small bearing Dv888
More DNA

As you can tell from that picture, Ben really fooled the community there. He just came up with everything.


I was sort of suspecting that >:D, not sure it would happen, but that post seemed a bit suspicious. :-X


If that is a “Frantic” I’d get it…


If you mean the two to the left, I believe those are Frantics.

(JonasK) #6

The Catch 22 look-alikes are supposed to be Frantics


Will YYF produce them?

If so I’d get one…


Coming Soon. :wink:


Haha YES!

(Mark) #10

More DNAs?

(JonasK) #11



To be honest, I’m not a big fan of YYF doing all of these splashes; that was always CLYW’s thing.

As for the Frantic, SB DV888, and more DNAs, very cool!

(JonasK) #13

Splashes on yoyos has existed longer than CLYW. CLYW just uses it on almost all their yoyos. I am personally tired of splash anodizing. What One Drop does is a LOT better. Give the customer a “build-your-own” option while making cool fades and marbles aside from the regular runs. But if the people want splashes, they will get splashes. But I find that the rim-dipped Skylines and regular fades look WAY better than splashes.

5A’ers will jump that Dv888 though. And people always wanted the DNA to stay.

(Mitch) #14

I wish you could get customized yoyos. Like with how alot of car websites (especialy VolksWagen) let you make a custom car and then tells you where you can buy it… Imagine…

Pick a yoyo,
Pick a response
Pick the finish
Pick the color
Pick add-ons (Spikes, Hubstacks, weight rings)

that would be amazing!!

Back on topic, I think the splash looks neat… I wish special yoyos would stick around longer thoug… I’d kill for an Augie G5

(JonasK) #15

One Drop lets you pick and mix between bolded. And although they don’t provide the choice of
add-ons, you can still put spikes and hubs on their yoyos. You don’t need weight rings though.

(Jamesofyoyo) #16

i want a frantic soo bad! do you know what it will cost? will it be limited like the dv888?

(JonasK) #17

Fundamentals are supposed to be in the 65-75 dollar range.


I never mess with mettle yoyos so I’m gonna pretend I know what y’all are talking about.


Fixed :wink: