Take 3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3xkXZCf_wE sorry for bad quality

cool! but could barely see the string. just a little though :slight_smile:

Huh, funnily enough, I was just listening to the album that Prelude and Kiara comes from (Black Sands by Bonobo, for those interested).

I will say, the music didn’t fit by any means, and I’d work on filming in a more visible area with brighter string. I literally got nothing out of this video.

Harsh truth is harsh. I look forward to seeing how you do next time around.

Saying that you got nothing out of the video is harsh and although maybe true, it is an opinion and it’s pretty mean.

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im sorry for trying but i think that it was worth a shot and you dont need to comment in such a rude way. you basically said that the video sucked in every way possible. i look forward to seeing how well your critisism works the next time around but you really need to work on it.

You are replying defensively, and therefore, offensively, to a comment that was in no way negative or attacking.

Allow me to rephrase: You, the creator, are presenting a video to me, the viewer, to watch. I, the viewer, got no real audiovisual involvement with this video becasue there was nothing to see, and therefore nothing to remember and enjoy. You, the creator, are attempting to present something that the viewer cannot comprehend without exerting actual effort torwasrds doing so.

I’m not going to falsely proclaim that it is great to wrongly praise you. I am informing you of errors that kept me from enjoying your presentation. It is harsh, yes, but it’s not mean.

Like I said in my previous post, I look forward to seeing your improvement.


who are you to judge wether or not its mean did you just recieve a comment that said your video gave no reason for the viewer to watch it.

I’m not going to wrongly praise you. I was also not going to pass by this video without giving the creator some advice.

I’m sorry if you feel like I’m being offensive or mean, but I’m really not.

I stand by what I said. I got no enjoyment out of watching this. I figured I’d let you know this, and why, so you could further improve your presentations to us. I’m sorry if you don’t want to improve, I really am.

He might’ve said it a little nicer, but he’s not attacking you. He’s only trying to help you and, honestly, he speaks the truth.

Mhm. I wouldn’t say “not nice”, I’d say straightforward, perhaps blunt. And really only the blunt side came out after he took my comment with offense.

You appear to be a good thrower from what I can comprehend of the video. I’m just stating that I actually had to put effort towards watching it, and even then, hardly got anything. Filming in a brighter location with visible string will improve your videos drastically. Watching a video actually implies “watching” not guessing :wink:

Potential is there, just the presentation was lacking. Now I really wanna see a new video out of you :wink:

now you are contradicting yourself sir.

All you needed to say was “you appear to be a good thrower from what I can comprehend from the video” and then provide some constructive criticism such as “use brighter string” or what have you. I find it very upsetting to see someone attempt to reach out to people but one of those persons seems to be arrogant enough to bring him down. I think your comment was rude and unnecessarily worded. I say to you, get over yourself.

People be gettin’ mad all up in here.

Adressing the contradiction issue, who said I watched the video once? No one, that’s who.

If somehow mentioning errors instead of just saying “cool” or “nice” or other one-sided compliments is mean, I must be a terrible person. I’m sorry for being a terrible person.

Excuse me while I recline to my evil lair; I have business to attend, and dreams to crush.

flies away

Yes, my lair is in the sky. It’s a dirigible. An ecxeedingly evil dirigible. Filled with hydrogen, since it burns better.

Look, blatantly stated, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Hopefully this statement is self explanatory to most.

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if you cant say something helpful dont say anything at all

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If you’re talking to me, I can understand how you took my posts wrongly. I was being helpful. As I mentioned many times before, I have pointed out the things I felt were bad. This isn’t mean. It’s criticism. It’s meant to help.

If you’re talking to Gizzyo, he’s one of the more level-headed people I have the pleasure of knowing, and honestly, summed up this entire situation better than any of us have.

This leaves pretty much everyone else who commented, where in that case I agree.

I’m starting to feel redundant. Fortunately for me, my evil lair has a music hall. I think I’ll put on a broken record, watch some re-runs of Seinfeld and sip some repetitive-tea.

Everyone be quiet or get out, sheesh.
Calm down and take a chill pill.

If ya can’t say anything nice…