Swivel Discussion. Now with Brand New Super Easy Pictorial!! Wee

Stickman… You got any different color straps

I’m actually working on a few different ideas with different materials.
I’m also pursuing an idea I have for using a leather band, which will essentially be a leather ring, with a small loop that will connect to the swivel. I need to purchase a few parts for it over the next few days and will post it when I have something complete.

I should also add that I had to change the swivel to a size 7 to accomodate the metal loop. The larger swivel increases the strength of the entire apparatus greatly. I also used a “Blood Knot” when I fastened the string to the swivel for added security and strength. It also prevents the string from catching.

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I followed the steps but the swivel doesn’t turn very freely, like how it neutralized a UFO in the video u made. I used the type of swivel you have in the picture tutorial.

Post a picture of it

Yeah I took a swivel, and a new piece of string. “Tied” both ends of the string to either side of the swivel, making a big loop. Then I pulled that as hard as I could, and the string snapped (not by the swivel) 3 times in a row before I deemed it sufficient evidence that a simple overhand knot with the setup should be more than enough… but as always YRMV

Wow it actually works! I just tried it out for the first time and it’s amazing. I’ll def be using this from now on. Thanks skyhighyo

On my second string since startng this thread lol

I wanna… But i dont… I feel like it will ruin the game for me, like ya said its like god mode. I stopped playin GTA cause of cheat codes.

Im gunna do it anyway mwahahahahahaaaaa

I thought I would show the leather version of the ring idea I posted earlier using velcro.

This is by far the best fit and comfortable version I have created thus far. This swivel has become something I really enjoy using…maybe to much !!.

Today I picked up a non-swivel yoyo, I forget there was no swivel till the tension got all stupid. … hahaha…

I probably won’t be going back.

How much?

I hear ya !!

I have gotten very spoiled with using the swivel myself.
I picked up a non-swiveled YoYo today as well, and within about a half dozen throws I was dealing with the string tension issue I have come to forget ;D I’m sure I will still throw without the swivel, but for right now, I’m enjoying the benefit of the swivel. I’m only throwing beaters with my swivel, because I’m still experimenting and I don’t want to damage a perfectly good YoYo, so occasionally I want to throw one of my other YoYo’s without the swivel.

It’s hard to go back to a regular string though…

Thanks for the pictures! I was wondering how to do this, but I couldn’t really tell how to from the old pics.

Not a problem man. I could understand how the old pictures would be confusing… having to measure out 3" of string with a loop on the end isn’t the easiest thing.

One day I was in the shower and this method of assembly dawned on me. I was like “Wow, this just became ridiculously easy” which is further support to me sticking with this apparatus.

And yes, it is very spoiling. Cheat Mode Activated

This seems pretty cool, but I liked the more bearingized swivels when I went played around with this idea. Some of the lighter weight ones would warp and stop turning from repeated force.

Never thought about that. I’ll keep an eye out and report back if it becomes an issue. But a dozen for a buck, pretty good deal + using the same swivel for a while too, so definitely got way more than my moneys worth out of it (12 cents a month… heck I would pay a buck a swivel for the benefits it’s giving me)

What size/brand were you using? Just outta curiosity

I agree with your concern as well, but I will say that I’m using a #7 swivel which is rated to 166lbs of force. I have zero doubt that there is nothing I’m doing that even comes close to this degree of force. However, I do accept that repeated amounts of force could eventually lead to a swivel failure. I have not observed that happening as of yet, but like SkyhighYo, I will certainly keep an eye out for this type of failure and report back if it happens.

I’m having a hard time finding the down side to using the swivel thus far…
It’s working out far better than I would have ever expected.

Dang it. Time to buy some swivels. This will be awesome.

You know it.