Swivel Discussion. Now with Brand New Super Easy Pictorial!! Wee

Man want to try this soo bad but my family is way too tight on money :frowning: oh well just have to wait then.

I would reccomend SPRO wivels (pronounced like pro with an “s” sound before it. “sp-roh” They are ball bearing swivels, and are very high quality. Size 8 should be sufficient, maybe size 10 or 12. I believe I use size 10s. They are about $5 for 8, but are made in the USA and are very high quality

I’ll give it a shot. Those size 8’s are tiiiiiiiny!

Ok, I went to Walmart yesterday and spent 30 minutes in the craft section in Walmart. Nothing. The people who work there are useless.

I finally figured I’d look at the fishing section and I found some. I got a pack of size 12 crane swivels. I love it. I used it on my Shaqlerstar and it is awesome. I’m going to do it on all of my plastic throws.

I saw these when I was looking at alternative swivels as well, they look like they have a much smaller profile which would be optimal, & the size 7, which is what I’m currently using is rated to 410lbs !!. I can certainly get excited about the amount of strength.
I’m going to have to check these out as well.

Edit: I should also mention that I’m referring to the “Power Ball Bearing Swivel” line they sell.

Thanks for the tip…

Also, should I be worried that the pack of fishing swivels I use say they contain lead? What swivels do you use?

I got some of those lolol, they also have brass ones.

I’m gonna go try to find some of those SPRO ones here this week

The ones I have are SPRO; however, to get a small enough size I don’t think their ball-bearing line was actually available. Are you sure you got small ones that had balls?

Are swivels allowed at contests?

Lol, the swivel occasionally sparks the titanium rings on my H3X :stuck_out_tongue: it looks pretty cool, but its very rare that it happens. It hasn’t sparked the rings on my Titan 3 though, and surprisingly it doesn’t leave any marks! Worst I have gotten was a pin prick on my H3X. But that’s about it.

Haha dang… that’s craaaazy!

I was going to post an update to this thread, but been lazy…

  1. Still using the very same swivel every day, hasn’t broke, warped, or anything yet.

  2. No marks on my tumbled Majesty, been using it quite a bit everyday. My hypothesis was it would cause a bunch of hair line scratches, none have showed up yet. I got a swivel on a bunch of other throws, but this is my main… I will start using a Blasted yoyo next for a month or so and see how it affects the finish. Wouldn’t be surprised if others got scratches so don’t quote me on this one, but I am being honest. Anodize is extremely hard

  3. Moved the swivel to about an inch down from my finger. Pro: Less swivel rubbing on my finger, which began to irritate me. Con: Sometimes can slightly catch on string if you’re not attuned to it.

  4. On my third? piece of string since starting this thread?

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I’ve seen this, and although it’s effective, it becomes tedious if you use regular polyester string and have to change it every 45 minutes of play, you’re better off just untwisting it. :-\

Whatcha mean? You don’t have to change anything…

Actually, the swivel keeps the tension neutral almost all of the time.

Thus, and I know this might be hard to believe, you can use the string for much longer; the constant twisting/untwisting of the string (tension) is what ruins the string and causes you to change it every 45 min to begin with. 

I used to change my string once a day.  Now I don’t even really consider changing my string, I just look at it and I’m like… “Okay, it’s a little frayed but the tension is still perfect”… If I want that “soft and new” string feeling, I can swap the string, but either way the tension is still fine and the string still playable.

As for, it becoming tedious to set up… maybe your first time… Check my pictorial, it literally takes me less two minutes to set this up.  If you change your string every 45 min, you probably invest exponentially more time changing string than I do… and I play multiple hours a day.

I’ll throw this up again…

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know, a swivel can cause damage to your yoyo. I was playing my Summit with a swiveled string, and when I binded, I smelled sulfur. It did this to my mint Summit :’(

Is it that mark on the right?

I definitely don’t think anyone would imagine that a metal object coming into contact with another metal object could cause no damage ever. I’ve been mentioning the possibility since page 1; definitely SkyHighYo has also given a “do this at your own risk” disclaimer as well.

Thanks for sharing, though; people who were confident due to there being no damage “so far” needed a reminder that even when the possibility of damage seems low, it’s always there… lurking… ready to ding or burn your yoyos… :wink:

I’ll take a bit of swivel-induced burn over the hammering I gave my Pro when I threw it directly and with great force into a ceramic tile floor the other day!

I am still rocking this setup, and have not yet suffered any damage. Also, sadly SkyHigh is done with yye, at least for now.

Yup, the ding on the right. I’m just trying to prove to people, it can happen.

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that sucks, man…how did that even get on the rim? I would think the dings would be in the catch zone

No idea, I was doing horizontal, so maybe that caused it to be on the rim.