Swindled out of 180USD by the user named "Raigo"


A few days ago, I made an arrangement with “Raigo” to pay 180USD for his Draupnir with tempered rims. I sent the money to his PayPal account but apparently it could not be accessed because of some “21-day restriction”, so he refunded the money to me and asked me to send it to his brother’s account. We encountered the same issue so he tried sending me an invoice to work around the problem, but it didn’t work.

At this point I was pretty frustrated, so he said he was in debt and had to pay for some stuff on wowskins.com, so he gave me his account details and asked me to login to pay for them in exchange for Draupnir. I did that and the amount was 180USD, and after that he agreed to send the item to me. He was very responsive before the payment went through but after that he pretty much disappeared from this plane of existence. I’ve raised a PayPal dispute in the resolution centre and will raise a claim, but right now the owner of wowskins.com thinks I’m trying to fleece him and dear Raigo is nowhere to be found.

In short, I was gullible, and beware of that little shit.

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Raigo… hm that is very interesting…

He has been a member for awhile i wouldn’t have thought him to do it…


I really hope he’ll respond within the next few days. Optimistically, he may just be busy, but the sudden silence for over a day is disconcerting.

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its only been a day?..


Give him a few days, one day isn’t enough to get worried. I’m sure he’ll come through.


only a day, give it more time, but feel free to keep the dispute registered.

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ive had people not respond for weeks… then suddenly respond with tracking and the package arrives the next day…


I know it’s only been a day, but before I made the payment he was responding to my messages within minutes and sending like 3 messages at a time at some points. The sudden 180 from being so responsive to dead silence is what’s causing concern.

But yeah I’ll wait with some hope.


It’s been three days. He was last active at 12am today and he has not replied to a single message. Should I just presume that he intends to cheat me?


Pursue the paypal complaint.


So, it’s been two weeks and I think it’s time for an update.

… it looks bad. His last login on YYE was yesterday and there’s been no response. I found him on Facebook and when I messaged him asking if he was Raigo, he blocked me. Right now, I’ve posted this message on multiple Facebook yoyo groups asking for help:

[i]Has anyone ever had a deal with “Raigo” from YoyoExpert or Brian Asami? I have reason to believe he’s cheated me of 180USD, and when I contacted him on Facebook, he blocked me.

His email addresses are:


If anyone has had deals with him/knows him, please let me know! That 180USD was not easy to earn. Thanks![/i]

If anyone knows him, please help me to contact him. As a student, earning 180USD was not easy for me, and it’s very upsetting to have it disappear just like that. I’ve met so many nice people and had plenty of great deals in the yoyo community, and it’s really sad that this one deal had to sully the entire experience.


Further proof I’ve been swindled:


In Raigo’s sale thread, another user posted a reply asking why he was still selling the Draupnir when that user had already bought it.


i would keep messaging him if it were me. But even if he did scam you, you shouldnt share his person info


I think email addresses are fine. They’re just a way of identifying him so that people who know him/have dealt with him will know who I’m referring to.

I’ve been messaging him and it’s not been working. Why do you think I’ve become so desperate as to post on Facebook and here?

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Why not? Hes a horrible person who poses a threat to us all. He should have his number and address posted so everyone can blow his stuff up. Karma will destroy that piece of poop.

He broke sacred rules, so all bets are off! And gloves are going on…


I am very angry and upset right now. I would assume the other user who bought from him is too, if he got scammed as well.


This is quite surprising from Raigo, he was active, at least on the YYR topic, back then…

That’s a shame…


Now would be a good time to open a PayPal claim…


I dont think its against the rules to post emails and such but its more of just a me thing. But anyway i hope you 1) randomly receive the yoyo or 2) get your money back. Getting ripped off sucks a lot

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I say sign him up for every spam service you can find for all of his emails. I also emplor the admins to block, ban, and take note of his IP to prevent him from making another faux account.
Id like to bomb his account, but that seems to be fixed these days (ahh 2001 how easy it was to blow up someones email to render them unsuable…)

I didnt get burned, but im offended as though I did. Ill help any way I can brother.


Unfortunately that is probably not a viable option. He didn’t pay Raigo directly. He used his paypal to settle Raigo’s debt with someone else. That deal was legitimate and he has no recourse here.

Lesson learned: Always use paypal as a purchase, not a gift, and don’t do 3rd party deals on things like this. You have no recourse for recovery. I’ve seen a couple of other 3rd party deals go sour and someone ends up left with nothing.