Hey I just bought a Grind Machine, a tool, Toxic Strings Sampler, and some response pads. Any tips I should know?

Don’t hit yourself in the face with the yoyo. That’s always a good one to keep in mind.

Done that before :stuck_out_tongue:

I hit myself in the face wiht a pgm, and needed 3 stitches.

The sampler pack seems kind of expensive considering there are only 6 strings in it… I wish it was cheaper

Meh, it’s reasonable. Heck of a lot better than buying a pack of each of the 6 strings which would land you over 40 bucks in some string you might not like. Dragons and Toxic String are my favorites. Have some Great Whites coming in the mail here next week.

Anyway, just have fun with it! And don’t hit yourself in the face. And you only have to go at your own pace. Don’t make it a life goal to learn everything on YYE, but just do the stuff you like. At least that’s what I’ve been doing!

the PGM when the response is worn down you really need to replace it cause other wise with slightly worn out string the response will not make it come out!

Broad pads dont last too long. Hope you know how to use flowable (can be bought at any hardware stores) or bought extra pads! Id give it 1 1/2 months at most before you need to replace them.

a YYF Whip shattered in my face once. Almost went blind. Part of the reason I dislike YYFx

try cutting your eyebrow open with a real yyf… The G5

Have fun.

Or taking a avant garde to the jaw ad leave a nice shinner for a week.

I am now afraid to throw my Whip.

I also broke a whip by doing 4a. but it didn’t shatter in my face though, so it’s all good.

very true! makes no sense to lower cost they should take a pack of each of the strings inside the sampler and instead of putting each in a baggie seperate they should just label it with another sticker or something that way its not more expensive I bought a sample pack before and I regretted it because even if I liked a string there would only be one