Did Some Maintenance On My RecRev Sharp

Didn’t really know where to put this, it’s not a review but kind of is; And I modified it, if you count flowable silicone a mod. Haha! Pictures were taken with my phone so take it easy on me.

I got my Sharp about 10 days ago and I have probably put a little over 10 hours on it. Very pleased with it except the response pads. They worked great, but eventually ripped.

As you can see there’s a small rip and it’s wearing down around the edges so I figured I would fix the problem now and it will be playable by the time I’m off work tomorrow.

For those doubting there ability to apply flowable silicone, don’t worry. It was ridiculously easy. I just poked a tinny little hole in the dispensing spout and help it in the groove of the yoyo and spun the yoyo. A little tip I have is to put less than you think you need to; It might not look like it but it will spread out into the edges you missed. I may have put just a tiny bit too much on, but not enough to spill over the edges so I think it will be good.

Can’t wait to try it out, I’ll update to tell you how it plays.

I also cleaned and lubed the bearing, which probably wasn’t necessary but I figured I couldn’t use it anyways.

I’m fairly new to this yoyo phenomenon but i’m already in love with it. Thanks for taking the time to read this, even if most of you probably find it useless.

Just don’t throw it too soon like I did. Mess is an understatement! Had silicone all over the string and then all over my hands.

I let mine cure for 24 hours and had no trouble. I’m enjoying my Sharp. I like all the RecRevs I have thus far. Thanks for the tip on the pads. I’ll keep my eye on the ones I have in there now.

Welcome aboard.

Thanks for the tips, will definitely be waiting at least 24 hours, although it’ll be hard.

You don’t need to wait 24 hours. You can play it after 4 hours. I’ve been doing this for YEARS. It completes its room temperature vulcanization around 20 hours but it’s as solid as you could need at 4.

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Really?! Thanks Icthus cause now I can play my yoyo faster.