Just a real quick note about Landon Balk

I recently sent off my RecRev Sharp to Landon Balk for a re-tapping. It seems my damages were a bit more extensive than I thought.

Long story short. I was angry with this yoyo, mainly because it was very grippy, but that could have been the bearing. Anyhow, I left it out and I come back and it’s pretty much screwed(or unscrewed). The threads where the axle goes were stripped and there was other damages. Turns out my kids got to it. Man, I am so lucky because I have other yoyos out of much higher value that could have been victimized.

Anyhow, I was informed this may not be repairable, and so I accepted this fact and was prepared to be out a justifiable fee for the attempted repairs and an unusable yoyo. iw asn’t expecting the payment to be returned, as a job done, regardless of success, should be paid for.

Today, it arrived back. The truth behind what happened to the yoyo came out as well. My wife didn’t know what was being sent out, now she does… oops! Now, it’s not 100% flawless, but considering what it’s been through, it’s really smooth playing now, very little vibe. It’s almost as good as new. Where the damage was done that made the yoyo unusable has been resolved and now it’s completely playable. I also feel that the axle he installed in there now is superior than what came from the factory. You can’t tell he did anything from the outside!

The guy does amazing work. I’m honored to have him squeeze my little problem into his busy work schedule. I am deeply appreciative and grateful for having a chance to have him work on a yoyo. Good work needs to be recognized. This yoyo has had two mods done to it. Icthus deepened the response groove so it can accept flowable, and his work is also amazing. Two amazing mods by two amazing modders in one affordable yoyo. I’m not sure how this would affect it’s BST value, but it doesn’t matter, this one can never leave my collection. I’ve been playing it all day and it’s just a great yoyo. I’m so happy it’s back.

Yay, thanks man! Glad it’s working out for you now :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention I couldn’t get that bearing you included to spin smooth at all, so I just included a new bearing in there w/ it.

Thanks again!!