Landoln Balk is my hero


About a month ago, my Sleipnir saw its last twist and decided to strip its axle, on the inside. So in a rush of ideas, I tried plumbers tape to see if that would fill the voids. Nope.

I realised then that the only way out of this hole was to recut it. Now who could do such a thing. Immediatly, I thought of King 3Yo3 and remembered how he hand cuts his yoyos and is more experienced than me at this.

I emailed him, asked him if he could re-size the axle, and he said yes. YESSSSSS!!!

After about one week, it came back. Just as ‘smooth’ as before (the YYR vibe) and just as balanced, the axle is thicker and the threads are deeper.
Definetly not going to be stripping (giggity) anytime soon.

When in doubt, Landoln Balk.


How much did it cost? (The re-tapping)


He said 17$, but I paid him 20$


Landon is indeed a hero.

you gotta love the dude, he’s as legit as it gets

and to top everything else, he drives a rotary youngtimer

the dude is so full of win