World Yoyo Mod & Iron Mod Contest Winner - Landon Balk

The Epicly Awesome Landon Balk of 3YO3 fame took out a clean victory in both the Mod and Iron Mod contests at Worlds 2012.

Awesome dude. Mega Congrats.

I want one of those awesome off-string yoyo’s you created.


I saw him make that offstring yoyo in the iron mod and if it took one hit to the floor it would although his other one was pretty smooth and he should really start selling it normally for 3yo3

I severely want that one on the left. Its just… different.


I tried the big one. It has much better weight distribution than the big yo, but is too fragile for 4A.

I want to try the left one.

Looks a bit like a royale

Wow, some of you guys are seriously lucky for getting to try his Mod work.




The right one looks like it would be rather hard to throw.