The Omnicron X by 3yo3 | A Review

Landon Balk is a wizard. I can imagine his surprise when his invitation from Yogwarts, School of Yo-Yo Wizardry arrived that fateful day. The joy he must have felt when assigned to Modffindor must have been a delight to witness. The story of his victory over Jugglemort (the evil lord of magical juggling) is the stuff of legends…… Alright, I think I stretched that out long enough. Bottom line is that Landon Balk does amazing work and his recent first place win in the Modding contest at Worlds is testament to that. His latest release is the Omnicron X, a metal anodized variation of the acrylic Omnicron. The Omnicron X is a co-design between Landon Balk and 3yo3 team member CJ Atkinson. It is CJ’s signature yo-yo.

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