3Yo3 Omnicron: A High Speed YoYo Review

Landon Balk’s work is truly something special. Every yoyo produced by his small company is made entirely by hand on his lathe. No computer input, just the skill of his hand. I always find it amazing that in a market filled with automated lathes and milling machines, Landon is able to retain the high level of precision and consistency I’ve experienced in all of his yoyos. 3Yo3’s previous releases have generally been critiqued of not having enough spin time to get through the long and complicated tricks of the modern yoyo world. Landon decided it was time to change that, and thus the Omnicron was born; H-shaped, with material cut out from the sides to provide as much rim-weight as possible.
One of the best parts about buying a yoyo that is made to order is the role you get to play in its creation. You can decide what color, finish, and bearing size you prefer. I’ve had the opportunity to try two different versions of the Omnicron. The first is clear, polished, with an A-sized bearing. The second is bead blasted, giving it a frosted look, with a D-sized bearing.

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