Swamp Monster shredding strings

Hey Guys,

So I got a Swamp Monster by PDX-YO about 2 weeks ago. Was, and still am, very impressed with this throw and the amazing finish they did in the second run. Unfortunately, it has shreaded through 2 Zipline strings in a very short space of time. Luckily each time its snapped it didn’t hit anything too hard (although the semi-matte ceramic bead blast finish scuffs up VERY easy) but it’s makin me burn through my ziplines :frowning:
Just wondered if anyone else has encountered this or if maybe I’m throwing weird (but I’ve not had this problem on any of my other throws) or if there is anything I can do to reduce this from happening?

Rub denim on the area fraying the strings. this usually helps :+1:


Ah cool, didn’t know this trick. I’ll give it a go. Cheers!

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