Do knots shred your response pads?

That is all, thanks.

I just put a new string on and it had two knots right out of the gate
so I don’t want to change it quite yet.

Hey; I know what you mean.

I just put New tires on my BMW. One of the tires almost immediately got a flat😳

So I don’t want to change it yet🙄

What’s the point? Simple… Either change the string or learn how to take knots out.

Life is a series of challenges. Unless you are ‘naturally lucky’; you will confront things on a somewhat regular basis that will test you patience and motivation to solve the problem at hand.

If… a knot or the knots are in a position to mess up the pads; then your failure to deal with the first problem; results to yet another problem.

Here is a suggestion> The next time you think you have enough money to buy another yoyo; don’t.

Instead; buy a few hundred strings. String is dirt cheap compared to the cost of supplies in other hobbies.

If purchasing string will financially destroy your entire life; that would be one sad situation.

If you have plenty of string; then you can change out strings easy enough. And then the next time you are watching television; just spend a few minutes here and there; taking knots out of strings during commercials.

Don’t create problem number 2 because you don’t want to deal with problem number 1.

… I’ll share a personal problem I still deal with; for perspective. A long time ago when I started throwing 2A; the one thing I seriously didn’t like to do was cut strings to the exact same length. To me; the most boring thing I can think of. I mentioned this to a good friend of mine(Patrick Mitchell/top level player). He said,’If your gonna throw 2A; you just have to embrace it’(In other words; deal with it). Pat said that doing the strings is just part of the program.

The best way to solve a problem is to solve it quickly when the problem is ‘small’.

Back when I use to teach people how to paint cars; I would tell them the same thing somebody once told me.

Why do people never take the time to do things right; then end up making the time to do things twice?

I still don’t like making up matching 2A strings… But it’s part of the challenge.


Easy there

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Your response speaks volumes.

No further comment.

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To answer your question, yes. Knots can damage your pads. Yodoc said a mouthful and yet he is not wrong. He took time to answer your question, take heed his advise over his tone. Pay attention to this line above all else.

Because, ^^ this is what you need to do, period.


Is there some reason you are not removing the knots, when you get one?

They’re too tight. Switched strings, problem solved.

No such knot. Like all things practice makes perfect.

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Better string will make knots less likely to get too tight to remove. Nylon over poly over cotton.

Responses like the above help me understand why new throwers are going elsewhere for advice.


That was great advice. you kids these days lack patience which can serve you well in the long run. I’m a expert knot picker it takes time like learning how to bind or throw a straight sleeper.


or T O O L S

See my"knotty " thread. It’s 5 lots of fun.


just use a toothpick. Takes 10 seconds to untie it.

I’ll try that.

I feel like this disclaimer should go with most of his posts :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right though, he’s not wrong.