When you get knots in the string while yoyoing, do you usually try to untie it, or do you just change to a new one immediately? When I think about it, I realize that in the process of untying the knot, I cause some of the string to get frayed in the process, in which case, I am better off using a fresh one. What do you people think?

I normally try to untie it, but I don’t usually allow the string to knot. If I get in a tangle I try to untie it before it knots.

It’s worth trying to undo the knot. It’s better to try and fail than not try at all, (especially when you’re using more expensive strings).

Go ahead and untie the knot. As you yoyo it will get shifted back into position and as for fraying, it’s going to fray up and down the string as you do tricks and throw the yoyo anyways. Its not going to fray as much as the bearing and response area so theres little chance of it breaking. However you can get a toothpick or a bent paperclip to help not damage the string when undoing a knot. Some companies even give a pick as a promo item. Just remember to pull the string as a whole and not let the 2 strands come apart and you will be fine. Happy yo’ing!