Knot tieing tips

So I was just wondering about some suggestions I like my knots clean tied when i have been tieing and cutting the excess it’s always unwinding and seems to mess up the string eventually. I know this is a dumb question but was just wondering about some tips or suggestions thanks

no I agree. I usually just tie it around my finger and then double knot it and I just try and get it towards the end as much as possible. I would love other peoples tips or different tying methods.

Just cut it close or use a lighter and that will fuze the frayed threads.

This is the proper way to tie a knot in your string… do this, then just clip/cut off whatever is left hanging.


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That looked like you wasted a lot of string dude. XP Like, 2-3 inches.

Well it’s not really wasted if you are getting the string to the length you prefer, right. :slight_smile:


…because tying it small didn’t really serve the purpose of showing you how to do it clearly.


Not to be a debby downer, but that video wasn’t really clear. XP I do agree with Vegabomb though, I forget people sometimes trim their string. I always play with long string. XD

And I buy my strings pre-tied. Problem solved…

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Glad I’m not the only one. I hate tying my own knots and having to trim it, and yes I’ve tried not trimming it but that’s even worse having extra string dangling there.

What about if you want to buy string from companies like ammo who don’t tie their string?

That’s why I buy my string where I do. It comes how I want it.

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Thanks for the tips guys

A full set of pictures on how to tie the loop:

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