What is the longest amount of time you've spent removing a knot? More info below

Here is where that question comes from>

This morning I picked up one of my Nobunagas. As soon as I threw it down; Nah, time for a new string.

So I put a New Kitty 1.5 on the yoyo. Gave it a good stretch(I don’t like dead strings but most New Kitty strings have too much initial bounce to me… So I kill some of it) and threw it down. On the very first trick(a Chris Mikulin trick called Tadaalicious) I missed the drop and ended up with a nice tight knot.

I easily hit it on the very next attempt. But I noticed the little knot. I have plenty of new string but since I had just put that 1.5 on a minute before, I just felt tossing it would be a waste of a new string.

So I just stopped any other focus and concentrated on removing that knot. It was like a miniature mission. Remove that knot! Lol

I got the knot out about the same moment I realized I had spent about 10 minutes getting that sucker out.

I looked over at my open yoyo bag and glanced at a few hundred New strings. I was like, 'Man I’ll be a Monkeys Uncle. I just spent 10 minutes of my life messing with a 20 cent string, haha.

So here is the question > What is the longest amount of time you ever spent trying to remove a knot from a yoyo string, instead of just replacing it in 30 seconds?

Whether the string was: new or used or the only string you had or an expensive string or whatever.

And you didn’t deliberately intend to take long to remove the knot. You just decided to correct the problem and realized minutes later that you were dying on the job.

Just curious…

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Lol. Its like I never change strings.
I mean sometimes I just don’t change them for days.
But I have about 20 minutes to get a knot out and never thought to change the string.
That knot was from wrist mount I think.

56 minutes. Granted I was watching a video game stream, still a really long time for someone to fiddle with a string non-stop. And I’m a scout :confused:

I can untie practically any string knot in just a few minutes. It’s all about technique. And practice ;).

Probably 10-20 minutes but now usually less unless if the string is bad already, bad strings are harder to untie.
The more important question is, why would THE Yoyodoc posted something like this lol. I mean it’s unlike you who usually make sarcastic comments to silly posts, instead of being silly yourself.

If it’s a tight knot, new string, every time, that simple. I find that I have often, inadvertently damaged the string untying tight knots in the past. This in part, being the reason for not messing with tight knots and the other is string is cheap. I doubt I’ve ever spent more than a few minutes messing with a knot, unless it was on a fixed axle, by the axle. Those can be a real pain if the yo isn’t a take apart.

I failed Chaos Dunk in the worst way, and the know I got from that was so crazy. Once I unscrewed the yoyo, I still couldn’t get it out, and then I realized the the string of the knot was INTERTWINED with the string itself. I have no idea how it happened, but it did.

Most of the time I can get a knot out in about a minute or 2. If it goes beyond that, string pays a visit to the trash can. Fortunately I will catch getting a knot in time (as in not doing another throw before realizing I have a knot from a failed Ninja Vanish). It also depends on how frustrated I get from trying to remove the knot or my frustration level in general, say that I’m working on a new trick but I feel like I’m throwing with my non throw hand and am being a total klutz.

If it’s a ratty string that got a knot, I will just switch it out with a new string.

I had a knot the other day that was so gnarly it took me about 10 minutes too remove. I would have tossed the string but I didn’t have one on me, like I normally do. I don’t even know what happened, I was doing some normal non complex trick, then boom crazy knot.

This is a pretty knotty thread, knotty discussion, knotty people. I can’t believe we allow this! ::slight_smile:

Because our yoyos are sometimes very knotty to us :slight_smile:

A knotty thread?

No it snot.

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Monkey finger snot.
Knot to mention this is a funny thread. Lol

If it’s a fairly new string, that knot is coming out. But I think the longest I’ve spent is about 5 minutes, past that, and I would just give up.

Brand new venom
Just cut my nails

I dont want to admit how long it took…

Even though I do knot understand what you mean by knotty thread, knotty discussion, and knotty people, please do knot delete this.

Hey you are being knotty.

No I’m knot.

I usually give my knots to my fiance to get them out. It frustrates me to much trying it myself. Lol otherwise I sit there for about 3-5 minutes to get the knot out. She only takes like 30 seconds. So handing it to her, saves me time :blush:

There ya go, get somebody else to do it!

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