Tropic Spins Shipwreck likes to eat strings like no tomorrow.

I find that the Shipwreck’s edges holding the response pads are so sharp that it tends to eat away at the string? At least I think that’s the cause because the response pad sits down deep inside and the edges are exposed and is quite sharp. I had to change the string 3 times now. I find that the string lasts about 8-10 throws before it is in the danger zone of snapping.

Any hints or tricks? Someone said rubbing the catch zone on denim helps, I might try that after reading all options.

the denim would work, just make sure not to do it on a pair of pants you like.

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I am guessing rougher denim is better than soft? Also do you know how long the process takes and how do I know it is good to go?

I dunno, if you have to do the denim deal, I would have to say borderline defective no?

That said, I still own a Bape2 regardless of it being a bit of a string eater.

The denim trick is a blessing and a miracle. I can’t believe how little it’s eating the string now after rubbing each half for 5 minutes. I am going to do another 5 minutes later tonight, and that’ll hopefully eliminate the problem altogether.

a piece of leather also works as well.

I just added finishing touch of Scotch Brite Pads just now. The string is not being eaten and not being clipped! Yay.