Surge has become too responsive


I recently noticed the binds on my Surge getting stranger and stranger. Now every other bind I do results in a knot (my binds on other yoyos are fine). I’ve also noticed that the bearing has become responsive. If I yank on the yoyo hard enough it comes back! What do I do? Do I need to clean it? I’ve already tried putting on thin lube.



Cleaning it mit be an option, but I like to use mine with a center trac or a Trifecta bearing, and that usually gets that unexpected snag out of there. I also like using Candy wires E-type, and with the combination of the two it should turn it completely unresponsive. I hope that was of help. :slight_smile:


Any type of lube, even thin Lube, will make your yoyo more responsive. How much did you apply? If you put more than half a pin-drop worth of lube, that may be the reason it’s responsive. If this is the case, you’ll just have to keep playing the bearing until it breaks in.

As for fancy string centering bearings, I find they make the yoyo more unresponsive, but they cause random snags and string bunching when you start to get more string layers in to the gap.


Thanks! I didn’t know that. I think I put way to much Lube on XD Should I clean it now or just keep using it?


Of the three “centering” bearings below.
What one will not bunch your string layers?


I would presume the middle one, or possibly the grooved one.


Cleaning your bearing is probably best. Judging from your story, you may have something in your bearing and you don’t want to damage it. After cleaning, if you wish to lube the bearing use a very small amount. Some people put a drop on a needle then touch the balls with it to lube it. Good luck buddy.