Superstar, skyline or anything less than 120$. Please help


Same as top. My only preference is full sized and metal. Thanks


CLYW Sasquatch 115$ and very nice metal yoyo. It is stable, and spins a lot :smiley:


Full sized metal under 120$ huh?

One Drop Dang
One Drop Code 1
SPYY Solaris
ILYY Torino
ILYY Lioplueridon
Werrd Irony
YYF Superstar
YYF Skyline
YYF Supernova

that’s just off the top of my head. If you can BST, you will find 1204+ yoyos for less than 120$


i so want an hspin pheonix its $120 and is absolutely gorgeous


My favorite yoyo at this point is an ILYY Sakura but that might be a hair small for full sized.

The ILYY Fury is my favorite full sized yoyo currently but that’s about $5 over your limit.

The Skyline is high up on my list too but I don’t think I would consider it a full sized yoyo.

The Superstar feels more full sized to me but I didn’t love the one I owned. It played well I just liked other things at the time.

The ILYY Liopleurodon would fit all your criteria and is a great grinding yoyo that’s super smooth.

The Kyo DNS is also a smooth, full sized yoyo that comes in under $100.


My friend has a with a skyline but herd it’s good. What is the word about the superstar.


I’m a big fan of my Skylines and I liked the Superstar but just wasn’t into it as much during the period I owned it. I may actually go looking for another sometime soon. There are a number of factors to what would make you the happiest but at $120 you do have a number of really good choices.


You should wait till the 1drop burnside comes out