superstar or 86 400?

What’s your oppinions on these throws? I like there looks but know little about there play?

From what I’ve heard, the superstar is really stable and spins for quite a while due to the H-shape it has. The 86400 is a little larger than usual but plays surprisingly floaty and is also very stable. 84600 is Ryosuke Ito’s preferred throw due to it’s stability in 3A. If I had to pick 1, I’d go with the 86400, but I’m inherently biased since Ryosuke Ito is my favourite 3A player.

I can only give my opinion on the Superstar. That thing will not let you down. The spin and stability of it is Terrific. It Is a simple but excellent design. It’s my favorite current yoyo.

I vote superstar, I have to say I like the older one a bit more, but the newer one performs a tad better. superstar is a no-brainer especially with the current deal of a free protostar with a purchase of a superstar.


Hey hey! It’s Moise again! High fives on our two recent agreeing opinions!

oh, thats right. high five