I have 100 dollars to spend and Im looking at a superstar. I want to get the john ando version and i was wondering if

  1. Is a superstar worth the money(if not, got suggestions?)
  2. Is the John Ando version different from the regular one

Are you talking about the new superstar

The john ando blue or red with gold splash

yes i am

I have had two and loved them both! they can take a beating and still be smooth and they spin for forever. the wide landing zone make it easy to land tricks but the performance is topnotch. The cypher and cyborg are both amazing but you might as well save another 10 and get the space-cowboy.

so do you suggest a space cowboy or a superstar

Get a OD Valor or Space Cowboy, I’d choose valor tho

Space cowboy I would bet money that over 85% of the people on the forum who know anything would tell you the same thing. The SC is IMO along with many others the best YYF throw ever.

ok sorry for responding so many times but what do you think of the aviator


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I recommend the Superstar, any version. Here’s my old and new Superstar. I just bought another Superstar Classic when I was at Throwdown Contest. I haven’t taken a photo of it yet though. by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

If you’re still learning tricks, superstar is a great buy, its super long spinning and stable. This means that its very forgiving. I have the john ando edition red one and its still my go-to for learning tricks. Also it is definitley worth the price since you get a free protostar with purchase on this site.

The john ando edition is just different color I believe.

Aren’t we all “still learning” tricks??? :wink:

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I kinda see what he meant, as in needing a long spinning stable yoyo to help you out, but yeah :slight_smile: