Superstar AND Shutter vs Summit

So I’ve got roughly $125 to work with. I really want a Summit, but I really want a Superstar, and I really want a Shutter. There isn’t much to ask other than what do you all think? I do realize I could easily get two great yoyos for the price of the Summit, but it’s just as tempting. :-\

personally i would go with the summit, quality over quantity in this case

I prefer the shape and width of the superstar to the summit and it feels faster to me for some reason. The shutter is just an added extra

I prefer superstar only, then save money for the summit.

Summit is alright but in my opinion the superstar is much better. And the shutter is amazing so idk why you wouldn’t get those two. Who ever said quality over quantity dosent know what they are talking about. Yyf puts out very high quality products I don’t understand why people are always hating on them

It’s really a toss-up(or down?).

The Summit is a yoyo I’m not going to get unless one magically shows up in the mailbox. I don’t buy the collabs. I have played one and it was I’d say one of the better, if not best collab yoyo I have played. I really enjoyed this and have no issue recommending it. The only negative is that depending on your side effects configuration(anything other than ultralites), then finger spins become something of a problem. It solid, stable, smooth, all that you’d expect from CLYW and One Drop meeting up. This does not feel rushed out, it’s an extremely mature and well thought out design. Unless you knew better, you’d never guess how fast these came together, especially the first runs.

The SuperStar 2013 and Shutter are both amazing and really priced far under their performance. Both are V/H shapes, with more V than H. The widened SuperStar is done so to help with horizontal play, and the absence of the unnecessary hubstacks allows for finger spins and additional smoothness. The Shutter, despite being value priced, is really what you’d expect from a major contest winning yoyo. The cup for finger spins really helps keep the yoyo more centered, even if you’ve got big, meaty fingers!

The Summit is better for grinds in general, due to the pyramatte tumbled finished. The SuperStar is on the smooth side, so grinds aren’t so not. The non-Champions Edition Shutters are smooth, where-as the Champions Edition is blasted, making grinds much better. This may be an important factor to take int consideration.

It really depends on what you like. I have the YYF’s, but not the Summit, and I don’t see that changing. Again, don’t let my not wanting a Summit distract you, it’s a really amazing yoyo and it’s well worth getting.

You’re choosing between 3 top competition grade yoyos. Two are more budget friendly(Shutter and 2013 SuperStar), and one is priced just right(Summit). The thing is, all three are vastly different. You’re not really compromising quality, you’re having to accept play characteristics. It’s not an easy decision.

Best of luck.

I haven’t tried a shutter or a superstar but the Summit is downright amazing! It’s definitely in the top 5 best throws I’ve ever played, and I’ve played quite a few, some really high end as well.


Special edition shutter and superstar for $75 right here and they’re mint:,69471.0.html

You could get the 7075 genesis as well from him and have a really nice setup of yoyos