superman help.

i get the first pop. then i go double on and come off and then dont know how to go over your throwhand its annoying plz help >:(

I know! How do peopel do that magic drop over the hand? Been trying to figure that out forever and the only thing that sometimes (1 in 6 times) works is aiming the yoyo towards your fingers, not the middle of your hand.

i ts so hard.

Soon enough it wont be, just practice.

Well that’s exactly what it is: A magic drop over the hand. So go double on the string like in Spirit Bomb, and then reverse it (like you changed your mind and you don’t want to do Spirit Bomb anymore :D) and keep the momentum going so it goes right over your hand, just like Magic Drop. The only difference is instead of just making the “gun” motion with your thumb and pointer, extend all of your fingers and hold it out like a handshake gesture. The rest will come naturally. I actually think pulling this off is much easier than a regular Magic Drop.