Superman (Magic drop over hand help)

I’m having a lot of difficulty doing the Magic Drop looking move once going double-on the strings. I’ve tried it several times now and the string doesn’t even retract so I’m in position, the yoyo just swings over my had and that’s it, nothing happens. In Andre’s video it almost seems like it naturally happens. Any tips and pointers on how my hands and fingers should be positioned?

hmmm, well, whats happening there, is the yoyo is being pulled so far away from the string, it pops off. You will have a better chance of it popping off if you use a smaller yoyo, swing the yoyo father forward (perpindicular), and if you have a good string. If your just moving the yoyo sideways completely. then theres your problem.

you need a reverse spin or will likely want to have a reverse spin :slight_smile:

you don’t need a reverse spin… the spin from a breakaway works fine.