Superb Customer Service From General-Yo!

This is a few days late, been pretty busy lately, so here it goes;

The story begins a few weeks ago, and the pads on my USA hatrick fall out. For those of you General-Yo enthusiasts, you know that the USA Hatricks originally came with custom USA themed pads five years ago upon release. I was about to purchase a new pair of pads from YYE. I decided to shoot Ernie an email, to see if he had any old pairs lying around.

A few hours later I receive a response. I offered to pay for them and shipping, which Ernie, the owner of General-Yo, immediately refuted. He told me to send him my address and they’d take care of the rest. A few days later I received what may be the last pair of unused USA response pads.

I would like to thank Ernie personally. I’ve emailed him numerous times in the past, all to which he has responded quickly. I haven’t had the pleasure to meet him personally, but from our conversations, and from what I’ve heard, he’s a really good guy. I feel moments like this shouldn’t be ignored, another great example of General-Yo’s customer service! Thanks again.


hell yea thats extremely nice of him, i had a hatrick a looong time ago,lost it at a party…X_X
but back on subject,Ive heard the dudman Ernie is an extremely well rounded guy,and that does just show to prove that all talk is true,you are alucky dude mrciuleo,those are prolly the last pair XD

Ernie is incredibly kind.

The guy is great!

You also have to consider that since you have used the word ‘Hatrick’ in about 600 of your posts; maybe he just felt like you earned them, lol

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That is a super story and thanks for taking the time to post it…

way too many scream and yell for days on end, not too many take a minute to say thank you.

well done.


That’s pretty true, the Hatrick is by far my favorite yo-yo.

Ernie in addition to producing some of the most awesome YoYo’s in the industry also gives back to the YoYo’ing by organizing meets, mentoring kids & of course sponsoring his excellent team.

He’s as nice a guy as they come, and I’m really happy to call him a friend.

We need more Ernie’s. :wink:

All my dealings with Ernie have been great. He definitely seems to have an “above and beyond” mentality when it comes to dealing with his customers and fans.

My USA hattrick fell out of my hatpad response.
Think I can get another hattrick ;D


Haha yeah, right…