(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #1

I just went to Ernie’s (the owner of General Yo) house and met up with him. My Hatrick was stripped for who knows what reason, but I contacted him and he offered to fix it or replace it. Pretty cool huh? So when I get there we say hi and get down to business. We find my yoyo and replace it and then he shows me some yoyo’s along with the new Mini Star. He showed me one of these that were B Grade and he shows where the lathe left a circle around the spike and he’s showing me it and I try it and it’s cool. He then goes “You know what? Why don’t you take that?” I was like OMG no way!!! It was so cool. All I have to say is Ernie really cares about General Yo’s reputation.



Yep! He’s Mr. Nice Guy, I met him at the cal-state 2010 in Sacramento and we became buds i guess. In my opinion, he’s very spoiled to us. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]