The General-Yo Hatrick - Review

I am convinced that Ernie at General-Yo is actually a secret government experiment resulting in a super precision yo-yo making being. It would not surprise me if he was in fact discovered to be robot in disguise. You can not deny the quality of his work. The Torrent has now become an adjective for describing levels of smoothness (much like Oxy was) and both versions of the 5 Star performed incredibly well both in sales and play. Rarely does a yo-yo live up so valiantly to it’s hype, but Ernie has delivered some truly remarkable products. When Ernie leaked me a picture of the finished version of the Hatrick, I was ecstatic. Everything that General-Yo had put out had been a hit, and from the pictures, it looked like the Hatrick would be very hand and play pleasing. Then he gave me a change to purchase a prerelease model. Perfect timing, I just happened to have some birthday cash left over. Ernie surprised me with a special color combo that no one else had (Note: Other have this color combo now). Pink and Blue. Needless to say, I have been very excited about this review session, and after playing with the Hatrick for two weeks, waiting for the day I could post it up. I am thrilled to share my review, of the General-Yo Hatrick.

You landed on Chance, advance to!

It makes me want one, but I’m too lazy to reach into my case :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing Review!

as always a great review, I love mine I just cant wait to get it back from Grunt Bull. I have never been a fan of raw aluminum.