Hat Trick by General Yo: A High Speed YoYo Review

Attention!!! All rise and welcome the newest to the General Yo line up the Hat Trick. The Hat Trick you see in this review is a pre-production model. Ernie Kaiser, owner of General-Yo states that the specs of the production model will not be modified from what you see here today other then a bead blasted finish in a yet to be announced colorway. When I received this yoyo from Ernie I was concerned about the weight. When I see yoyos under 65 grams I am leery because its not what I am used to. But I was told this was like nothing I have ever played. Is this the third straight goal from Ernie or will the enforcers check it into the boards? Lets read on.

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Great review. This yoyo looks amazing. I love small, light yoyos, just wish it was available with a small bearing.

Amazing review! That yo-yo looks sick too.