General-Yo Hatrick USA Edition: A high Speed YoYo Review

It was brought to my attention recently that we had not updated the preproduction Hatrick review with our thoughts of the production run, something we promised to do at the end of the review. No more than two days after that was pointed out to me, Ernie Kaiser from General-Yo e-mailed me about a new special edition Hatrick. He wanted to know if I would be interested in reviewing this limited edition run. Normally I don’t review every new colorway to come out for a particular yo-yo. Generally speaking, the colorway really does nothing to effect the play of a yo-yo, in fact nine times out of ten the colors, splashes, laser etches, etc are just there to make the yo-yo look pretty while sitting still. That being said, I decided to give this one a shot. It was a colorway that I had never seen attempted before and it gave us a chance to add our thoughts on the production run. Since Brett reviewed the preproduction run I didn’t feel right updating his review so I am going to do a fresh review of the Hatrick. Lets see if the new colorway offers anything new to the play experience of the Hatrick and lets see if our original “Final Thoughts” still hold up six months after writing our original review.

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There making more Hatricks. Yaaah. Thanks for the review.