SR's General-Yo Mini-Star Review! (With PICTURES!) LOOK!

Okay, I’ve been waiting and waiting for this new General-Yo to come out. I saw pictures, heard specs here and there for a couple of months. I really wanted to get my hands on this yoyo. When I heard it would be making its debut at BLC, I knew I had to pick one up. When I heard Ernie was making a Bad*** Edition, I was even more exited. So I headed down to BLC to go pick one up.

First Impressions
Looking at the box after Ernie handed it to me, it cool design, but nothing too special. I really didn’t care, I just wanted to see my yoyo. I opened up the box and the skull with the top hat was really striking and very cool looking. The one I got was all black 1 half was the BA side and the other side had the regular mini-star logo (star in star.) Got it out of the box, had a green/yellow highlight twist that came with it. On my first throw with it, it was dead smooth. Binded it back up, it’s a pretty small yoyo!

The Play
The way this yoyo plays is outstanding. It’s not so small that you can’t do any tricks with it, in fact I could pull off a ton of my tricks on this thing on the first try. But it is small enough to where you can get in and out of small places easy. Like I said earlier this is dead smooth, and also totally unresponsive after you break the bearing in. I can do all of my tricks with ease. It grinds perfectly, really nice bead blast finish. I picked up my Hatrick after throwing this, and my Hatrick felt like a full sized yoyo. The minister seems heavier than the specs tell you, it kinda nice. I love everything about this thing. It’s just a perfect yoyo.

Mini-Star Specs (YYN)
Weight… 62.5g (Final Version)
Diameter… 48.36mm
Width… 36.10
Gap Width… 4.15

The Guts
Like the Hatrick, the Mini-Star came with an AIGR bearing, and had pads. It does accept silicone. And for you in depth people, on the little piece of paper it comes with it says it was made with 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum. General-Yo only uses the highest quality materials to build their yoyos.

Final Thoughts
Now, I have a yoyo that I can take anywhere in my pocket with out having the yoyo bulge out. Plays great, the finish and the engraving on mine is spectacular, and overall an amazing yoyo. Some people ask if this yoyo is a novely or collectors item. It’s not. It’s true player. I would recommend this yoyo to any one looking for a fun throw, a metal yoyo, or a yoyo that can do anything and everything. General-Yo has done it again, one of my favorites of theirs to date. If you wanted to own a General-Yo, if you want to buy a metal, if you want an advanced yoyo, if you think “it’s to small”, if you want to buy it and you’re not so sure, if you want to own the best yoyo ever, buy it. I assure you you’ll really, really, really love this yoyo. But remember, once you throw a General-Yo, there’s no going back. Lol

Here’s some pictures!

Thanks for reading my review! Comments and criticism appreciated.

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Is it as good, if not better than a HaTrick?

Yes sir!

Nice review!

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Thanks man!

I like the composition, makes me wanna get one of those :slight_smile:

Yeah, definitely, get one if you can.

Excellent review!!! Very descriptive!

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